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Updated at 31/08/2022 - 05:11 pm

Accounting & Finance is a job position that collects, processes, analyzes, examines and provides data about financial information, market economy, through financial statements. Financial accounting plays a role in analyzing and reflecting the status and fluctuations of assets and capital flows of a business.

Why do businesses need to recruit accounting and finance personnel? #

In each business, the financial part is always mobilized internally, with the government, between businesses and this part of the work will usually be undertaken by finance and accounting staff. Specifically, accounting and finance personnel will undertake the following tasks:

  • Contributing to the formation and development of the business
  • Providing accurate information about the operation of the business, helping business leaders make important decisions in innovation, management and future development orientation.
  • Helping business leaders can easily monitor the situation of production and business
  • Provide accurate information on financial results, cost management situation to help businesses minimize costs, harmonize the financial situation of the business.
  • Information from financial accounting is an important legal basis to help resolve disputes and complaints and is also the basis for bank loans and investments.
  • Financial analysis and planning, tax guidance and even tax preparation.

It can be seen that accounting and finance personnel have an extremely important role in the development of a business. Therefore, the need to recruit qualified and suitable accounting & finance staff is essential for businesses.

Tips when hiring accountants & finance #

Currently, there are many people working in the field of finance and accounting, however, it is not easy to select a candidate with professional knowledge and soft skills suitable for the business.
Here are a few tips from our years of experience in recruiting finance and accounting personnel. Employers should try to consider before, during and after hiring to improve their chances of finding and retaining qualified accounting and finance staff.

Determine the right requirements of the business before recruiting personnel #

The first step in finding an accountant is to determine the level of financial assistance you require. Examine and review financial records and cash flows to determine the current situation of the business.

If your business is experiencing serious urgent cash flow problems, financial problems, it means, you need a full-time financial accountant. Along with that, you should also keep an eye on any business related issues. If you are new to an industry and have difficulty running your business, a financial accountant with experience working in this industry is the right choice that can assist you.

Don't rush the accounting & finance recruitment process #

After years of working in the accounting & finance recruitment process, we've found that, one of the most common mistakes, companies rush to fill vacancies. This is easy to understand, because it will not be easy for a business when a member of the financial accounting department quits. All business operations must continue, monthly payroll must be completed, invoices must be paid, and invoicing must continue.

Therefore, when employees leave the company, it is natural for leaders to worry, but speeding up the hiring process can make the wrong choice lead to more problems. It takes time to find the right accounting and finance personnel. This is a key job position, putting the wrong people into the business development process can affect the entire machine causing negative long-term effects.

Consider applying yourself or looking for a recruitment service #

There are several methods to find financial accountants, such as businesses can post jobs themselves or can also choose suitable recruitment services.

  • As for the self-publishing method, it will give you the most control, choosing a job posting platform, and controlling recruitment and candidate costs. But this method will cost you a lot of time and money to invest in a vacancy, you will need to invest time in learning about the job and position you are recruiting for to build an attractive job description. In line with the needs of the business, recruiters must learn best practices for job posting, screening resumes, and interviewing potential candidates...
  • The method of using recruitment services, businesses only need to make a request about the candidate, the service person will post the job, select the profile and send the candidate to the business. But it is necessary to consider carefully, do not rush to use recruitment services in small unprofessional organizations, because finance and accounting is a highly demanding industry, staffed by service units. The hiring choices passed to you can be inappropriate and cause loss of time and even serious consequences.
  • Using recruitment services through professional accounting firms, an accounting firm with recruitment services is the ideal choice if you need an accounting professional for your company. They understand well about this position, they have expertise in the accounting and finance industry and have extensive experience in recruitment. They will help you post, interview and secure your business with qualified candidates in the finance and accounting industry.

Planning in the future for the position of finance - accounting is recruiting #

Determine your company's expectations for the accounting & finance position, from there, make the requirements suitable for the company's finance and accounting department structure to recruit. You can consult with an independent HR consultant to help you pinpoint the exact finance and accounting roles you need to be successful and potentially profitable.

  • If your business needs a committed candidate to grow, then your approach to hiring a financial accountant needs to be built in a strategic way that goes beyond what you're asking for now and in the future.
  • It is also possible that the business only requires a temporary support staff, which means that the business only needs a seasonal candidate, so considering using outsourced financial accounting services will help save time and costs. at the same time bring higher efficiency for work.

Helping new finance and accounting personnel to integrate into the corporate culture #

When the business has selected a suitable employee, the task of the accounting & finance recruitment process has not been completed, this is the time when you need to participate in the process of introducing support and retaining candidates. Depending on the accountant's experience, the level of referral may vary.

If you hire a seasoned industry veteran, you'll just need to spread the word and help them understand your organization, allowing them to quickly integrate. But on the contrary, if you are recruiting a finance and accounting staff who has just graduated from college and is still inexperienced, the support will not stop at just introducing the organization. You will need to help them integrate into the organization as well as work, provide maximum support in their work, create an environment where they can learn to improve their experience.

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