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Service function

We understand that the recruitment needs in the Finance and Accounting segment are very different and unique compared to the recruitment needs in other internal positions. On the other hand, in the current competitive environment for human resources, recruiting an employee who can meet the needs of the business is becoming increasingly a big pressure.

Our Finance and Accounting Recruitment Service is designed to help businesses orientationsearch , and xCandidate Expertise to best suit the recruitment needs of the business.

Which businesses need to use the service?

The business has a change in management goals and needs full-time employees to work directly at the company to replace the previous outsourcing unit.

Enterprises have invested in recruitment costs and resources for a long time but have not found a suitable candidate or a new candidate has left the job.

Enterprises do not have expertise in the field of Finance and Accounting, difficult to make Job Description, assess capacity and interview candidates.

Enterprises are not confident in negotiating salary with candidates, how to calculate and manage salary properly for personnel in Finance and Accounting industry

Service Content

Enterprises will be fully serviced with the following work contents:

  • Standardize Job Description
  • Support recruitment and selection of candidates
  • Test your professional knowledge with a competency test compiled by Expertis
  • Live interviews with experts Expertis
  • Send a list of CVs, assessment scores and professional comments to qualified candidates
  • Negotiate salary with candidates
  • Consulting and drafting labor contracts
  • Advice on how to calculate salary and manage salary for received HR positions
  • Logistics management

Service value brought


Correctly understand needs and connections
right person


Candidates can
professional verification


Competitive salary negotiation,
budget optimization


There are consultants to guide salary management


The service process will help replace your recruiting department!

Our team of experts apply their extensive experience in this field to understand the nature of your vacancy and coordinate the standardization of the job description in accordance with the actual needs at your business.

Our recruitment specialist conducts job postings at the company's recruitment account. At the same time, coordinate the search and screening of candidates for the first round of interviews.

We conduct professional interviews and will communicate with you throughout the process. 

Then relay important information to help you choose the perfect new employee for the next round of interviews.

  • Businesses directly meet and interview candidates.
  • Enterprises decide to negotiate salaries directly with candidates or Expertis supports salary negotiations.
  • Expertis coordinates with businesses to select suitable candidates.
  • Businesses accept candidates.
  • Service ends.

Are you in need of assistance in recruiting finance and accounting staff?

Please leave a message. Our experts will help you select the most talented candidate with the best salary!

Why you should
choose us?

Ensure candidate quality

All applicants must go through a rigorous professional examination process with experts.

Save money and time

Help shorten the recruitment process, save the cost of maintaining job postings as well as investment investment in recruitment.

Optimizing salary budget

Consult on salary framework, salary negotiation and how to calculate appropriate salary for each position in a reasonable manner.

Expert insight

Helps you set the right direction right from the first stage, selecting candidates who meet job requirements.


Top Q&A

An important part of the talent acquisition process is salary negotiation. 

In simple terms, a "Good" salary is a salary that can be 15-20% higher than the market salary. The “right offer” will include the sum of all that the business can pay a candidate who is worthy of their dedication in addition to a defined salary.

To have a more complete understanding of these two concepts as well as find out, today, what kind of proposals will help businesses stand out and attract "talent" in the human resources market, invite you to explore break here: Distinguish between “good salary” and “right offer” from employers

Today, highly skilled personnel in the Accounting and Finance sector require quite high salaries and benefits. Because they are people who have a combination of professional knowledge, soft skills and technology. Therefore, a business when recruiting a finance and accounting specialist needs to have a clear understanding of the basic salary for this industry and prepare for the salary negotiation that will inevitably take place.

Discover the reference salary of personnel in the Finance and Accounting sector: Here

The positions in the Finance and Accounting department of the business are very diverse. Depending on the size, business lines and work needs of the business, there will be suitable accounting and finance personnel positions. Some popular HR positions:

Financial Management – ​​Internal Control

  • Financial planning specialist
  • Financial Analyst
  • Internal control experts

Accounting department

  • Chief accountant
  • General Accounting
  • Operations accountant (sales, debt, inventory, cost ...)
  • Internal accounting
  • Tax accounting

The levels of staff in the Finance and Accounting industry Expertis provide recruitment services include:

  • Staff (Staff)
  • Team Leader (Senior)
  • Chief accountant

We have a long experience in the industry (since 2003), is a unit that directly provides services related to Finance, Accounting and Tax for businesses, Therefore, no one understands the profession and has a professional mindset than us. We commitment will help you accurately orient the requirements of the position to be recruited, carefully select candidates for you to optimize work results. From there, you will save a lot of recruitment costs, time and effort.

After successfully carrying out the procedure of receiving personnel, we commit to a full warranty 2 times of personnel replacement within 6 months from the contract end date. This policy takes effect when the candidate leaves the job without completing the first 6 months of receiving the job at the enterprise, we will re-implement the recruitment process to find new employees with the same qualifications.

Absolutely yes.

At Expertis, we calculate service costs based on the actual workload and situation of the business. 

In addition, Expertis always creates programs to support businesses, sharing the burden of costs to help businesses focus their energies on business activities. For example: Discount Voucher, Free one-time direct work, Buy 1 service pack get 1 add-on service package, etc.

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We will advise and answer your problems, and propose solutions in detail, best suited to your needs and goals.


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Financial and accounting personnel recruitment service

Very helpful service!

We will help you find the most talented accounting and finance manager candidates with the most optimal salary costs!