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Managing the staff recruitment process will greatly support the search for the best candidates for your company in general as well as the selection of finance and accounting personnel in particular. However, it can be complex and challenging. Employee turnover can take a lot of time and money for a business. It can also reduce productivity and can even affect morale for the rest of your business.

If possible, businesses need to identify the challenges in the selection process of finance and accounting personnel to be ready to face to help limit mistakes in the recruitment process.

Not having a deep understanding of the recruitment market for finance and accounting personnel #

This is often the case when businesses are too focused on filling the short positions without really understanding the recruitment market for finance and accounting personnel. Especially during the interview process, if the employer cannot provide accurate information about the job position and benefits for the company's accounting and finance personnel when the candidate asks questions, it will cause the candidate to fail. disappointed member. Think about it, is a talented candidate willing to work for a company that does not understand the role of the finance and accounting department in the business, has no understanding of the financial and accounting industry market, even if he agrees to work, does the employee give his or her energy and brainpower to a company that lets them down in the first place?

Therefore, employers need to always learn to improve their understanding of the financial and accounting human resource market, build an attractive job description clearly stating the functions, tasks, and financial jobs. chief accountant at the enterprise. At the same time, employers should also consult with experts in the finance and accounting industry to come up with outstanding strategies to attract talented employees.

Challenges in the recruitment process of finance and accounting personnel #

A complete, professional hiring process will provide candidates with valuable insight into your business. Right from the moment a candidate sees a job ad, until they meet a company representative in an interview, businesses need to present themselves professionally and in an organized manner. The candidate's first impression of the business they hope to work for is really what matters.
Here are some of the difficult things employers will encounter when building a professional recruitment process:

  • Will the interviews take place online, face-to-face or in some other form?
  • Who will be responsible for screening applicants?
  • How will businesses evaluate candidates with criteria?
  • What questions will be asked at each stage of the hiring process?
  • What are the next steps after the interviews will be done?
  • When should businesses check candidate references?
  • Who, how and when will the final job offer be made?
  • Has the enterprise planned in advance for the integration process of new employees?

The change in candidate approach #

Although the number of candidates in the market today is very large, many businesses still cannot find candidates with the right skills. The problem here is the change in the approach to new-age candidates, which is also a challenge for employers.

Talented accounting and finance candidates often meet the recruitment requirements of many different businesses. They understand their self-worth and look for many job opportunities. This has led employers to find all ways to approach candidates, causing certain difficulties:

Social media source is a popular information channel, so recruiters can access a huge source of candidates, but it takes a long time to post job ads and collect candidate profiles.

Recruitment sites: the hiring manager must manage job posting accounts and candidate profiles on various recruitment sites

Emails & Messages: information exchanged via email or message, so it is difficult to manage, lack of connection

Online recruitment: save cost and time for recruitment. However, through the screen, the employer will not be able to exchange and understand deeply about a candidate like a face-to-face interview.

Finally, to effectively evaluate the quality of recruitment also makes it difficult for recruiters, recruitment staff need a lot of time to synthesize information, collect data from many different channels to approach candidates to assess the quality of recruitment. pricing and reporting.

Difficulty in controlling and evaluating candidate's ability #

Without a measure of capacity, the performance of specific employees is an existing difficulty in today's businesses. This problem causes unfairness for the staff when they are not evaluated accurately and objectively.

Sometimes recruiters can "wrongly" evaluate a candidate's ability, just because when receiving an interview invitation, the candidate has carefully prepared for the answers. Therefore, when the interviewer receives an answer that matches the company's criteria, he rushes to consider this as a suitable candidate, without any basis for that assessment. This is not simply recruiting the wrong person, but it will also cost the business a large amount of money to train that person. Moreover, if that employee is not suitable and does not adapt to the corporate culture, leading to resignation after a short period of time, the employer must develop a plan to recruit another person to replace the employee. take that position.

Shortage of talent in the field of finance and accounting #

In the face of financial technology innovation, the challenge for all countries is the shortage of highly qualified financial and accounting personnel. In particular, with the role of "the lifeblood of the economy", accounting - finance is considered as a potential industry, continuing to hold the 3rd position in the industry with high recruitment demand in the coming years. .

However, there are still many employees in this field who are unemployed. As an employee working in the finance - accounting industry in the technology age, it is necessary to blend creativity, innovation, technical technology and financial expertise. But most accounting and finance personnel cannot meet the requirements of employers, especially when new-age businesses focus a lot on work efficiency.

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