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Accounting and tax services package

Outstanding service quality, so you can effectively manage your financial system, save time and costs, comply with the law and avoid tax risks

Tax accounting service

Full accounting & tax services

Bring you peace of mind

Accurate, complete, on time

We prepare and send your returns timely and accurately throughout the year, so you can stay compliant, have peace of mind, and avoid penalties. We will advise you before the upcoming deadline

Simple and effective control

We help you manage accounting data smoothly, uniformly, closely supervise so that you do not miss important issues that when discovered cause great damage. Lifetime data support

Excellent advice, radical solutions

We know the unique business and laws of Vietnam to help you avoid the risks of lack of experience, providing you with the ability to thoroughly handle problems in the most optimal way.

Contents of the service

Standard Accounting & Tax System

Compliance with accounting & financial management

We examine the accounting data provided and enter it into our accounting software (or business software if required). Your books and accounting documents are kept in Vietnamese for Vietnamese businesses, or English - Vietnamese on request.

Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Register accounting policies applicable to businesses
  • Set up an accounting system suitable to the requirements of each business line
  • Check the reasonableness and validity of invoices and vouchers
  • Recording in accounting books for arising accounting transactions
  • Print the accounting book set, or export the accounting book data file in Excel for storage
Monthly, yearly

We will prepare a set of financial statements according to the Vietnamese accounting system, which fully and reasonably reflect the data arising from business activities. Prepared financial statements give a reasonable presentation of the financial position to help businesses always be ready and increase confidence in the information that needs to be provided to the outside.

Financial statements

  • Review and summarize all accounting data for the year
  • Consulting to detect unreasonable financial data causing risks to businesses
  • Financial statements
  • Send annual financial statements to authorities such as tax, statistics, audit
Monthly, yearly

The obligation to audit financial statements may arise annually for foreign-invested companies. In that case, we will assist you with those requests and work with your designated auditor.

Support audit work

We can further assist in the audit process:

  • Attend and participate in audit planning meetings with your auditor
  • We will make the requested information available to your auditor to facilitate your audit.
  • Give you advice on audit results
  • Send annual financial statements to authorities such as tax, statistics, audit

Tax compliance & benefit optimization

Value added tax revolves around Tax Invoice (also known as red invoice), we will assist you to meet your input and output compliance obligations for value added tax return, manage your monthly/quarterly filing, claim for tax refund if applicable, and other annual value-added tax claim.

Value added tax declaration

  • Collect input, output invoices and necessary information
  • Prepare monthly or quarterly VAT returns and submit to the unit for approval
  • Submit monthly or quarterly VAT returns to tax authorities
  • Notify payable tax amounts and handle tax-related matters
  • Explain to tax authorities when there are requests to explain the value added tax of the entity
Monthly, quarterly, annually

We help you meet your corporate income tax obligations in Vietnam, including annual finalization, quarterly interim filing and monthly documentation for compliance and strategic planning. Every month, we will alert and advise you of any significant corporate income tax issues and potential risks to them.

Corporate income tax declaration

  • Collect necessary information, determine reasonable expenses to be deducted when calculating tax
  • Consultancy on issues and necessary handling related to corporate income tax
  • Prepare annual corporate income tax finalization and transfer to the unit for approval
  • Submit a corporate income tax return to the tax authority within 90 days from the end of the fiscal year
  • Notify the amount of tax payable quarterly and tax payable when finalizing the year.
  • Explain to tax authorities when there are requests for explanation about corporate income tax of the entity
Monthly, quarterly, annually

We will make quarterly personal income tax declaration and annual personal income tax finalization under the obligations of the business, including preparation of calculations, collection of necessary documents, submission to the agency. relevant tax authorities and carry out the necessary procedures.

Personal income tax declaration

  • Collecting employee's income and salary information
  • Prepare quarterly personal income tax returns, pay and notify payable tax amounts
  • Review annual employee income, make annual corporate income tax finalization and transfer to the unit for approval
  • Submit the corporate income tax return to the tax authority within 90 days from the end of the fiscal year, notify the payable tax amount when finalizing the year.
  • Advice on cases of excess tax payment, tax refund or deduction of personal income tax overpaid next year
  • Explain to tax authorities when there are requests for explanations about the entity's personal income tax
Quarterly, annually

Please note that you will be responsible for collecting the necessary information from the foreign contractor and sending them to us for tax declaration and payment if any.

Contractor tax declaration

  • Contractor tax advice when you report foreign payments
  • Prepare the appropriate contractor tax return and submit it within the stipulated time, notifying the amount of contractor tax payable.
  • Explain to tax authorities when there are requests to explain the entity's contractor tax
When necessary

We will make an annual license tax return based on the registered capital and affiliated units that the unit has.

License tax declaration

  • Gather the necessary information related to the license tax return
  • Determine if the entity is required to file an annual license tax return, then prepare and submit a tax return (if applicable) to the local tax authority
  • Notice and guide the payable tax amount and tax payment time before January 30 of each year

Comprehensive tax accounting services


Bonus services

We can provide accounting and tax services on our own accounting software (Misa, Fast, Bravo ...) or the company's own ERP according to needs...

We will accept the request to issue an invoice approved by the company's competent authority. We will review the information provided and invoice accordingly. A suitable process and timeline can be discussed and agreed upon with the company to meet your specific needs.

We provide additional services for transfer pricing compliance purposes, these include:

  • Regular consultation (monthly, quarterly) for your company on associated transactions and the records and information that need to be prepared and kept.
  • Prepare annual associated transaction report.

There are 2 forms of implementation and charging: monthly monitoring or 1 time yearly contract.

All foreign-owned companies in Vietnam are required to submit investment statements to the investment management agency, these include:

  • Report on implementation of investment projects (Status report) quarterly and annually.
  • Investment monitoring and evaluation report every 6 months.

We can assist the company in preparing and submitting these reports.

Companies with loans (regardless of short-term or medium/long-term) from abroad (borrowing from organizations, parent companies or individuals, owners) must report on the implementation of foreign loans. and send it to the State Bank of Vietnam quarterly.

We can assist the company in meeting these obligations as they arise.

We can provide accounting and tax services on foreign software such as SAP, Quickbook, Freshbook, Xero…

In case the company uses a foreign software system that does not fully meet the requirements of VAS, we support the service of converting data from foreign software to Vietnamese accounting standards (VAS). 

We appoint a specialist or team to correct and complete your company's accounting records if corrective action is needed or you find that your accounting numbers are unreliable.

  • We have the ability to provide a large team to restore records in quick time if needed.
  • We provide IFRS consolidated financial reporting reporting services.
  • We support the implementation of Group - Corporate reporting for clients who are members of multinational corporations.

Internal financial policies are necessary for enterprises to systematize and facilitate effective financial and accounting activities. It often involves managing internal expenses or employee benefits for the company.

We will assist in the development of an Internal Financial Policy that meets and balances the requirements of current Vietnamese laws, the company's owners, and is consistent with the company's actual operations. How to do the overview includes:

  • A draft Internal Financial Policy will be drawn up based on discussions with clients to understand the company's requirements and operations and agree on key terms/regulations.
  • The draft will be sent to the client for review.
  • After editing and commenting, it will be finalized and released for use.
  • Update every year if needed

This service is charged on a per-contract basis.

When the quality of the financial and accounting management system becomes a great influence on the efficient operation of your company, the risk of errors occurring frequently, or costing you too much time to manage, That's when you should build a compatible accounting and financial management system for your company.

Services of building financial and accounting management systems will include:

  • Develop and implement financial and accounting management processes.
  • Consulting and equipping accounting software.
  • Recruit and guide the personnel in charge of your company to carry out the process.

The service of developing financial and accounting management processes is performed in the form of a one-time contract. View service details

Full accounting services

Dedicated support

Our experts provide consulting support on accounting and tax issues through convenient means for you: email, chatbox, phone, online meeting, direct, fast and timely for your needs.


Prestigious package accounting service

Close monitoring

Do you know the company situation?

Tax accounting service
We provide reports that allow you to gain insight into your company's performance. The report includes:

We provide you with a monthly advisory letter showing a summary of the work completed and any issues that arise.

Monthly management letter

Our services include:

  • All work completed during the month according to the agreed scope of work
  • Issues and incidents identified during the month will require further attention in the following periods
  • Any additional work done during the month

Normally, for foreign-owned enterprises, the need for monthly financial statements (internal management) is common. We work with you to design a Report template or process a report template from a parent company, a group that follows the company's preferred reporting structure to measure financial performance and financial position.

Comprehensive tax accounting services

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tax accounting services


Top Q&A

The company is obliged to strictly comply with the provisions of law on accounting and tax, which requires the company's accounting records to meet the following requirements:

  • Accurate: Accurately reflects the company's operations. Accurate in terms of calculation and declaration.
  • Sufficient: The law requires the company to declare a lot of information related to its financial situation, so the company must declare it fully, but this content, the incomplete declaration leads to a fine due to incomplete declaration from 15.000.000 to 25.000.000.
  • Timely: The law requires the company to declare according to certain deadlines, the untimely declaration leads to the possibility of penalties for late declaration and the company may lose its benefits (eg. such as late declaration of related-party transactions may lead to loss of declaration rights and tax imposition if there is an associated transaction.

Accounting data needs to bemanagement smoothly, uniformly, continuously without interruption.

The transparency and uniformity is also reflected in the fact that the company's declarations must be consistent with the accounting data, which is the declarations including:

  • All tax returns against bookkeeping
  • All declarations of salary, social insurance compared to accounting books
  • Financial data shown in financial statements compared with accounting books

The heterogeneity of accounting data creates a great risk when the inspection authority detects, or has potential for, large risks of inconsistency.

This also helps the company not to take the risk when the employee in charge takes leave such as loss of data, inconsistent data (unusable), no one knows the situation of the company to hand over or receive.

With more than 20 years of experience, we have knowledge and experience with a variety of business lines of businesses, thereby advising businesses to make transactions in the right way, effectively and ensure profits. legitimate interests of the enterprise.

We monitor and update, promptly notify the issues directly related to the business. Identify specific problems and advise on how to handle them thoroughly and optimally

The responsibility of the head of the business for accounting, tax and financial obligations cannot be underestimated.

In the context of an increasingly transparent legal environment and synchronous management, you need to pay due attention and have a scientific organization plan for them.

Failure in accounting and tax issues can lead to personal consequences for the head, such as: not being able to invest in business to establish a new company, moreover, may be suspended from exiting.

Because of the close relationship between accounting and tax, therefore, to ensure management goals and legal compliance, accounting and tax work should be performed uniformly by a team of the business or hired. in addition to the unit's team of experts who have all the necessary knowledge and experience for this task.

Package tax accounting services can be said to be necessary for every business operating in Vietnam.

Any business can build an accounting and tax team to do the job, however, due to the “closely related to legal regulations” nature of Financial Statement Preparation and Performance Tax obligations of the business, so using a reputable package accounting service of a professional unit is always more optimal than self-organizing in the following aspects:

  1. Operating costs.
  2. Waste of time.
  3. An investment in the mind of the business owner.
  4. The level of risk that may occur to the business.

Use accounting and tax services to help data smoothly, uniformly, continuously without interruption.

  • There is no risk when employees leave such as data loss, inconsistent data (unusable), no one knows the situation of the company to hand over or receive.
  • No need to waste time guiding and handing over work to new employees.

International standard service combined with local knowledge strengths!

Our accounting and tax experts understand the industry of foreign-invested enterprises and Vietnam's business legal environment, thereby helping businesses avoid violations not only in tax and accounting matters. but also investment-related issues.

Moreover, consulting on issues related to FDI enterprises such as foreign loans, investment, office rental, house rent, visa, residence...

We are always honest, clear and always stand above the interests of our customers.

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