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In the personnel structure of the accounting department of medium or large enterprises, the general accountant position cannot be lacking. The larger the enterprise, the clearer the role of general accountants. They are an effective supporter for the chief accountant in preparing reports, performing tasks for the accounting department, supervising operations and are an important link in the operation of the accounting apparatus.

So what is general accounting? #

The general accountant is the person in charge of the accounting-related fields in the enterprise, the person who guides the accountants of the fields on matters related to the accounting profession, the person who is responsible for the accounting procedures. accounting data from detailed to general.

Job description #

  • Check and compare departmental data from detailed to big aggregate data.
  • Check the itemization, compare the balance sheet, the ending balance so that the figures are calculated correctly and match what the statement stated.
  • Recording accounting accounts such as revenue, cost of goods, expenses, depreciation, product/service cost calculation, closing entries for the preparation of financial statements.
  • Keep track of your business's debt. Identify and propose provision for or settlement of bad debts of the enterprise.
  • Prepare periodic financial statements (quarterly, annually) and detailed explanatory reports.
  • Guide the handling and accounting of accounting operations for personnel of the accounting department.
  • Explain data and provide data to tax, audit, and inspection agencies upon request.
  • Synthesize and make statistics of accounting data upon request for comparison or other requirements of superiors.
  • Store accounting data in the enterprise's data warehouse for easy access and lookup.

Candidate Requirements #

Knowledge and experience #

  • University graduate with major in Finance/Accounting/Auditing/Banking.
  • At least 05 years of experience in accounting, including at least 02 years in a similar position.
  • Having CPA/ACCA certification is a plus.
  • Mastering Accounting Standards, Accounting Regimes, Accounting Laws, Tax Laws….
  • Good English ability (4 skills).

Skill #

  • Skillful communication skills.
  • Good problem solving skills.
  • Skill in using accounting software, Excel.
  • Ability to organize, arrange and plan to carry out assigned tasks.
  • Ability to synthesize and analyze reports.

Personal request #

  • Women and men
  • Work attitude: careful, responsible, serious, polite.
  • Human and social attitudes: Honesty, decency, morality, self-respect.

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