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Updated at 21/09/2022 - 11:43 am

The recruitment demand for sales accounting positions is increasing, especially in large-scale commercial enterprises and enterprises applying 4.0 technology in business operation management. The support of technology helps the sales accountant to both perform the job of a salesperson and perform the role of a debt accountant.

What is sales accounting? #

Sales accountant is a position directly in contact with customers, recording all data related to the company's sales operations, recording customer feedback on products, requests as well as complaints.

Job description #

  • Receive information and proactively process orders on the system in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Consulting, solving problems related to orders
  • Maintain good relationship with customers, support product advice
  • Monitor debts, urge customer debt recovery.
  • Make phone calls to compare the status of purchases, receipts, and payments with customers.
  • Track promotional goods, pre-orders of customers.
  • Compare with the warehouse on the quantity to be exported.
  • Monitor, update, control the content of various types of sales contracts, carry out record procedures related to delivery terms and payment requests.
  • Make reports: Sales report, sales analysis by item, type of location.
  • Other tasks as required by the chief accountant.

Candidate Requirements #

Knowledge and experience #

  • Graduated from College with major in Finance/Accounting/Commerce/Business.
  • At least 02 years of experience in accounting, including at least 01 years in a similar position.

Skill #

  • Skillful communication skills.
  • Good problem solving skills, fast.
  • Skill in using management software, Excel.
  • Ability to organize, arrange and plan to carry out assigned tasks.
  • Good English communication skills.

Personal request #

  • Women and men
  • Work attitude: careful, responsible, serious, polite.
  • Human and social attitudes: Honesty, decency, morality, self-respect.

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