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Salary Service and Social Insurance

Make your salary management and social insurance compliance easier with the help of our experienced payroll and labor experts.

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Salary Service & Social Insurance

Bring you peace of mind

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We prepare and send your reports promptly and accurately throughout the year, so you can stay compliant, have peace of mind, and avoid penalties. We will advise you before the upcoming deadline

Simple and effective control

We help you manage salary data smoothly, uniformly, closely monitoring helps you not to miss important issues that when discovered cause great damage. Lifetime data support

Excellent advice, radical solutions

We know the unique business and laws of Vietnam to help you avoid the risks of lack of experience, providing you with the ability to thoroughly handle problems in the most optimal way.


Contents of the service


We have an in-depth understanding of the requirements for labor contracts in Vietnam, from probationary period, seasonal to fixed labor contract. We will help you get it right and avoid costly mistakes when signing an employment contract.

Labor contracts, renewals and amendments

We will advise and support the form of contracts suitable for your signing needs, they may include:

  • Consulting on signing labor contracts
  • Advice on signing a probationary contract
  • Consulting on signing a training contract
  • Consulting on signing outsourced service contracts
  • Consulting on signing decisions related to labor contracts and other types of contracts

We will help you comply with internal labor procedures, prepare necessary labor documents and how to comply with them

Internal labor procedures, documentation and compliance

  • Carrying out labor declaration procedures when increasing or decreasing the number of employees
  • Sign up for MST for new employees, register new or change dependents, and compile watch lists for these registrations.
  • Build salary scale
  • Consulting on setting up Labor Regulations, Salary Regulations, List of titles and making necessary registrations
  • Consulting on making a registered labor agreement
  • Report on the employment situation of the first 06 months of the year and the end of the year according to the state's reporting time regulations
First time, update when there are changes

We help you implement the benefits that employees are entitled to, comply with trade union regulations

The regime of workers and trade unions

We can further assist in the audit process:

  • Apply for a new or re-issued social insurance book
  • Apply for and renew your health insurance card
  • Closing social insurance books for employees in need.
  • Declare and apply for employees to enjoy the insurance regime: sickness, maternity, retirement ... when incurred
  • Trade union registration (whether the company has an internal union or not). Guide to tracking union funds.

Calculation of salary and related payments

Each month, we will notify you to confirm the necessary employee details, then handle all the paperwork and payroll. You just need to review and approve.

Payroll calculation, processing and reporting

  • Guide to timekeeping companies
  • We will collect the company's salary sheet and salary advance information monthly to perform the monthly general salary calculation, they include: Salary calculation, calculation of social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, personal income tax calculation.
  • Guide the company to pay monthly salary

We help you meet your obligations on social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance (SiHiUi), union dues, union dues related to the employees you employ.

Compliance with terms related to employees

  • Make a spreadsheet of compulsory payment (social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance (SiHiUi), union dues, union dues) to calculate the amount that the Enterprise is responsible for paying in the period.
  • Prepare monthly reports and summarize data on compulsory social insurance contributions
  • Explain and work with the insurance agency when there are requirements

We will make quarterly personal income tax declaration and annual personal income tax finalization under the obligations of the business, including preparation of calculations, collection of necessary documents, submission to the agency. relevant tax authorities and carry out the necessary procedures.

Personal income tax declaration

  • Collecting employee's income and salary information
  • Prepare quarterly personal income tax returns, pay and notify payable tax amounts
  • Review annual employee income, make annual corporate income tax finalization and transfer to the unit for approval
  • Submit the corporate income tax return to the tax authority within 90 days from the end of the fiscal year, notify the payable tax amount when finalizing the year.
  • Advice on cases of excess tax payment, tax refund or deduction of personal income tax overpaid next year
  • Explain to tax authorities when there are requests for explanations about the entity's personal income tax
Quarterly, annually


Bonus services

For newly established businesses or those that have been established for a long time but have not opened their application for the first time. If you want to hire a laborer, you need to carry out the procedures for opening a labor file and social insurance for the first time.

This procedure includes:

  • Open social insurance profile, health insurance card
  • Labor declaration
  • Trade Union records
  • Salary scale profile
  • Regulation of titles 

This service is performed as a 1-time contract.

We can provide the service of preparing and sending payslips to employees

  • Coordinate with the company to design the salary slip template if required by the company
  • Prepare and send pay slips to employees
  • Participate in answering employees' questions about their payslips

We can represent the company to explain when there are inspections related to labor, salary, social insurance, including

  • Advice and support in preparing documents
  • Working representative and explanation
  • Advice to defend opinions
  • Consulting on handling the results of inspection and examination results

When employees have income from sources other than salary, they must finalize tax directly with the tax agency; companies cannot automatically do this for them.

We provide personal income tax finalization services for these employees, depending on the agreement of the company that the employee pays the cost or the company pays the cost.

This service is performed as a 1-time contract.

We build a salary system for businesses, this service brings benefits such as:

  • Helping businesses build a suitable salary system for business operations.
  • Help synchronize the enterprise's salary system with other financial systems compatible with the provisions of the Labor Policy - Salary Policy - Social Insurance Policy.
  • Help apply 3P salary in business enterprises.

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If you are a foreigner who wants to work in Vietnam, or a business that wants to hire foreign employees, we can help you get a work permit quickly and easily.

When foreigners have a work permit, they can be issued with a temporary residence card (TRC), when having a temporary residence card, you will eliminate the need for a visa when in Vietnam. We can assist you in applying for the appropriate temporary residence card.

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Dedicated support

Our experts provide consulting support on labor, salary and social insurance issues through convenient means for you: email, chatbox, phone, online meeting, in person.


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Improve productivity

Payroll Service
Our comprehensive package of services offers greater transparency, greater business productivity, and a rewarding employee experience.

We provide you with continuity, transparency and standardization, allowing you to enjoy benefits such as:

  • Cut the cost
  • Better employee retention
  • Improve team efficiency
  • Risk reduction
  • Simple and clear information
  • Calculate and pay insurance correctly
  • Enjoy full benefits
  • Avoid unnecessary disputes

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Top Q&A

13th month salary is not compulsory in Vietnam; it depends on the company's performance during the year and investors can choose whether to use this bonus structure or not in Vietnam.

Accounting data needs to bemanagement smoothly, uniformly, continuously without interruption.

The transparency and uniformity is also reflected in the fact that the company's declarations must be consistent with the accounting data, which is the declarations including:

  • All tax returns against bookkeeping
  • All declarations of salary, social insurance compared to accounting books
  • Financial data shown in financial statements compared with accounting books

The heterogeneity of accounting data creates a great risk when the inspection authority detects, or has potential for, large risks of inconsistency.

This also helps the company not to take the risk when the employee in charge takes leave such as loss of data, inconsistent data (unusable), no one knows the situation of the company to hand over or receive.

The employee has the right to unilaterally terminate the labor contract: The employee has the right to unilaterally terminate the labor contract if it must notify the employer in advance:
a) At least 45 days for labor contracts with indefinite terms;
b) At least 30 days for definite-term labor contracts of less than 36 months;
c) The time limit for advance notice in a number of fields and jobs shall be prescribed by the Government.
The employer has the right to unilaterally terminate the labor contract: The employer has the right to unilaterally terminate the labor contract in one of the following cases:
a) The employee repeatedly fails to complete the job according to the criteria for assessing the level of task completion of the employee prescribed by the employer.
b) The employee suffers an illness or an accident and has been treated for 12 consecutive months for an indefinite term labor contract, for 06 consecutive months or more for an indefinite labor contract. term without the ability to work. for labor contracts with a definite term of less than 36 months.
c) Due to natural disasters, fires, dangerous epidemics, enemy sabotage, or having to move or reduce production or business at the request of competent state agencies, the employer has sought all remedial measures. recover but still be forced to reduce the workplace;
d) Past the time limit, the employee is not present at the workplace;
dd) The employee reaches the retirement age, unless otherwise agreed upon;
e) The employee voluntarily quits his job without a legitimate reason for five consecutive working days or more;
g) When entering into a labor contract, the employee provides untruthful information that affects the recruitment of employees.

When employees have income from sources other than salary, they must finalize tax directly with the tax agency; companies cannot automatically do this for them.

Personal income tax (PIT) in Vietnam will be based on an individual's tax residency status.

Employment income is generally subject to varying progressive rates, with other income subject to a flat tax rate. Depending on an individual's monthly taxable income bracket, the PIT rate can range from 5% to 35% if you are a resident.

The personal income tax rate for non-taxpayers is 20%.

  • Risk of data heterogeneity
  • Risk of law misapplication due to salary related to many legal professions (Labour Law, Employment Law, Social Insurance Law, Health Insurance Law, PIT Law, CIT Law)
  • Labor inspection risk

When starting to generate labor, the Enterprise must fully comply with the provisions of the Social Insurance, Labor, Taxation agencies ... Because, 1 employee or many employees may have risks if not. fully implemented.

Therefore, when personnel arise, businesses must fully implement or hire professional services to manage. 

The Enterprise Law of Vietnam stipulates that “enterprises, when hiring workers, must comply with the labor law, pay wages according to the wage law, and implement policies and regimes of social insurance and insurance. unemployment insurance, health insurance and other insurance for employees as prescribed by law.”

Therefore, once hiring workers, enterprises must comply with relevant laws, that is: When hiring workers, they must comply with the law on labor, pay wages according to the law on labor laws and regulations. wages and implementation of compulsory insurance regimes (including social insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance and other insurance).

And yet, you need to pay attention to:

  • Law on personal income tax: because the employee's income is governed by the Law on Personal Income Tax.
  • Law on corporate income tax: because salary costs account for a very large part of a business's expenses. In some cases, even if you pay wages and comply with salary regulations, they are excluded and not included in the costs of the business.
  • Accounting law: since the salary of the business is published on the financial statements of the business, it must meet the provisions of the Law on Accounting. Salary will greatly affect your Financial Statements.
  • Tax administration law: Vietnam Social Security and the General Department of Taxation have linked data and have a mechanism to exchange data with each other. Therefore, you need to perform synchronization for this reporting purpose.

The payroll that you publish your monthly must ensure Full, Uniform and Correct.

The practice of managing Labor records, managing Payroll and Social Insurance records has issues that you need to pay attention to. It may not happen right away for a few months, but usually it can happen after about a year.

Details are as follows:

  • Records when hiring employees are not only labor contracts but all relevant records such as salary scales, agreements, labor regulations, etc. You need to comply with the specified deadlines and store full documents. enough.
  • The payroll management file is not only a payroll but includes a full set of documents as a basis to prove the salary calculation, such as: Timekeeping parameters, salary calculation, personal income tax calculation, management of employees properties, calculation of social insurance, payroll records, etc. It is necessary to synchronize data and fully archive salary calculation documents.
  • The social insurance management record is not only the monthly social insurance payment amount, but it also includes the entire record to prove that the calculation and payment of social insurance is correct in data and in accordance with the law. Therefore, all social insurance records must be synchronized with data and fully archived. Periodically check the data with the insurance agency.
  • Health insurance card records must be regularly updated and monitored for each employee to maintain their right to health insurance.

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