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Recruiting finance and accounting personnel is not only about choosing the right candidate with specialized knowledge, but also needs to choose personnel with skills and principles that are suitable for the company's culture. Therefore, having an effective recruitment process plan is very important for the business.

The current situation is the shortage of qualified and highly skilled finance and accounting candidates. However, let's ask the question, is recruitment staff a reason for the shortage of quality personnel in the enterprise? Here are 3 common mistakes when recruiting finance and accounting personnel that we have learned through many years of experience.

1. Lack of understanding about the position of finance and accounting #

First, to avoid mistakes when recruiting, businesses need to spend time learning about finance and accounting as well as the most accurate requirements for this position at their company.

What is accounting in business? #

Finance and accounting is the part that plays an important role in the business, helping the business to perform management activities, monitor cash flow as well as other financial-related issues.

Finance and accounting is the part where the Board of Directors can consult many opinions to direct the implementation. Sometimes this department also replaces the leader to directly inspect and supervise the management and compliance with the financial and accounting regime. It can be seen that every activity taking place in the business has the presence of the finance and accounting department. Therefore, accounting and finance personnel always need to be concerned right from the recruitment stage to ensure the quality of employees with professional knowledge and skills to complete the job, thereby supporting the leadership to develop the business day by day. growing stronger.

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When do you need to hire a finance and accounting manager? #

Finance and accounting is an indispensable activity in any business organization in today's business world. And the question of when to recruit accounting and finance personnel is being concerned by many businesses.

first, when businesses choose to outsource services to save costs and spend all their time focusing on company development. But in fact, for the company to operate smoothly, people are the decisive factor. Therefore, businesses can also choose to recruit finance and accounting personnel at this time to accompany and develop.

Mondayi, when the business grows big: at this stage, the business has stabilized the outsourcing of accounting services. Not enough to meet the business requirementsAt this time, the business owner wants a finance and accounting staff to closely monitor and manage the entire financial segment at the company. This is definitely the time when businesses need to recruit a suitable finance and accounting expert to take on this responsibility and coordinate with an outsourced consultant to perform more extensive tasks, such as: review and keep the accounting and financial reporting system of the enterprise clear and timely. 

Tuesday, when businesses need to change and improve the quality of employees: changing and renewing personnel is not too strange for businesses, especially manufacturing enterprises. When the employee can no longer meet the job demand or quit, the company will have a need to recruit new accounting and finance personnel.

Wednesday, when the work falls into overload. Even if the current accounting staff is really hard working and has a good time management plan, this is a sign that the business needs to recruit more personnel for this department. The recruitment of personnel not only promotes work efficiency, but also can reduce the workload of current employees, creating motivation for them to stick around for a long time.


What are the consequences of ignorance? #

The most common mistake in the recruitment process is setting too high criteria in terms of years of experience, professional certifications, specialized knowledge, soft skills… and often there are very few financial candidates. accountant meets all of the above criteria. This is one reason why recruitment takes a long time and increases the risk of losing top candidates due to a lack of understanding about the position of finance and accounting personnel.

Moreover, the lack of knowledge in finance and accounting makes employers unable to accurately assess candidates, not knowing the candidate's qualifications to communicate and make recruitment decisions.

Understanding finance and accounting will give employers the flexibility to select a few skills that candidates need to do well in the job and use these criteria as a basis for selecting and evaluating experts. accouting financial. Until employers meet candidates who have met the selection criteria, consider the aspect of personality and communication skills that best suit the culture and development process of the business.

2. Recruiting is not a top priority #

The reason why the recruitment is not prioritized #

Usually, recruiters in addition to finding candidates will also be busy with business development projects. Sometimes, recruiters get caught up in projects and don't have much time to review resumes and arrange the recruitment process for new employees.

The root cause of this problem is that enterprises do not prioritize recruiting financial accounting personnel as an urgent need, causing recruiters to lack concentration and not manage the time spent on assessing the level of financial accounting. Prioritize the recruitment needs of enterprises.

Why should be the top priority for recruiting finance and accounting personnel? #

Although employers are always caught up in business development projects, finding candidates for finance and accounting positions still needs to be a top priority. Because if you do not focus on prioritizing the recruitment process, the need to recruit new candidates to fill the vacant positions never stops.

Moreover, the employer's lack of focus on prioritizing recruitment can lead to the wrong selection of unqualified candidates for the job, causing work delays, affecting the overall morale of the finance department. accounting and the cost the organization is spending on them will be a complete waste.

3. Push backlogged work in vacant positions to current personnel #

Due to the delayed recruitment process #

When the recruitment of finance and accounting personnel takes too long, the workload is also backlogged more and more. The solution that most businesses will immediately think of is the division of jobs for current employees without giving priority to recruitment.


Moreover, the current accounting and finance personnel can still handle the additional work well, especially when the business is short of employees and the workload is increasing. This will make employers forget that it is necessary to speed up the recruitment process to reduce the overloaded work pressure of current employees.

Consequences if the business continues to push the backlog of work into current personnel #

Pushing the backlog at the position of finance and accounting personnel is the solution many businesses choose when there is a shortage of human resources. But this wrong solution will cause businesses to suffer a significant consequence in the future.

If the enterprise does not accelerate the recruitment process to reduce the pressure burden on the current core employees, it may cause them to decide to leave the enterprise. So don't let your hiring mistakes affect the retention of current talent.

In addition, the lack of key financial and accounting personnel will lead to a shortage of supervisors and inspectors in this position, which can lead to errors that other positions are not qualified to detect and promptly detect. processing time, from which irreparable errors may exist. 

It is time for businesses to put recruitment as the main focus, this is a process of selecting and selecting talent that cannot take place in a short time and in a hurry. Therefore, businesses should invest time and effort to understand clearly about the position and job requirements of the finance and accounting position, thereby applying it to the recruitment and selection process of the right talents to help businesses reap the benefits. reap immediate and long-term benefits.

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