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Tax consulting services

Expertis' tax consulting services are a combination of in-depth knowledge and practical experience in the tax field. We provide optimal solutions for clients on tax related issues, helping clients achieve financial efficiency and reduce legal risks.

Tax consulting services

Bring you peace of mind

Ensure compliance with the law

We help you ensure legal compliance and avoid legal risks with constantly changing tax regulations.

Save time and effort

We have a team of professionals with extensive tax knowledge and experience to save you time and effort.

Positive local relations

Problems and difficulties in the tax refund process are resolved through active consultation with local authorities

tax accounting consulting services

Tax consulting services

Contents of the service

Advising clients on current tax regulations and keeping up to date with the latest changes to ensure clients comply with regulations and avoid legal risks.

Check and analyze the tax situation of customers, offer optimal solutions to minimize tax costs and ensure compliance with regulations.

Guide customers to carry out tax-related procedures such as tax declaration, tax payment and tax report on time and according to regulations.

Provide solutions to tax-related issues, such as tax disputes, tax explanations, and handling of tax violations.

Advising clients on optimal tax plans to minimize tax costs and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

Tax planning advice

Here is a detailed workflow for tax planning:

  1. Step 1: Collect information about customers' business activities, including information on revenue, expenses, profits, invoices and tax-related documents.
  2. Step 2: Assess the client's financial situation and analyze the tax regulations applicable to the client's business.
  3. Step 3: Propose tax optimization options suitable to the customer's business, including tax incentives, tax deductions, and deductible expenses.
  4. Step 4: Make a detailed tax plan, including information on payable taxes, payment deadlines, and applicable tax incentives.
  5. Step 5: Present the tax plan to the client and guide the client to implement tax minimization measures.
  6. Step 6: Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the tax plan throughout the implementation process and propose adjustments when necessary.
  7. Step 7: Advise clients on changes in tax policies and regulations related to their business activities.

With the above process, our tax planning service will help customers improve management efficiency and optimize tax expenses.

Typically, tax planning is done on the beginning of the financial year or when project start business

Check and evaluate the effectiveness of the tax plan

The tax consultant will perform the audit and evaluate the effectiveness of the tax plan. This helps to assess whether the plan has achieved the set goals or not, thereby offering different solutions to optimize future performance.

You can do an annual audit, or in the event your business is risky, you need to do a monthly or quarterly review to ensure tax compliance and optimize tax filing.

Business areas in which we provide tax consulting services:

  • Information technology enterprises
  • Sea transport and logistics enterprises
  • Manufacturing enterprises
  • Export processing enterprise
  • The business uses many employees
  • Construction business
  • Specific commercial enterprises: Wholesale and retail center; Multi-level sales; Ecommerce.
  • Real estate business
  • Road transport, taxi
  • Foreign-invested enterprises
  • Enterprises have corporate income tax incentives
  • Enterprises with associated transactions
  • Enterprises transferring capital and securities

Personal income tax advice

Tax accounting advice for businesses


Top Q&A

Using tax consulting services helps you better understand complex tax regulations, minimize the risk of tax violations and optimize tax costs for your business.

In general, the cases of value added tax refund are in the following 4 cases:

  1. Case 1: For exported goods and services
    Establishments and enterprises whose input VAT has not yet been deducted from 300 million VND or more for some specific cases such as: both exporting and doing domestic business, importing goods and then exporting abroad, exporting into the non-tariff area.
  2. Case 2: For new investment projects: Newly established establishments and enterprises, which are in the investment stage and pay VAT according to the credit method. At the same time, the amount of accumulated VAT on goods and services related to the investment project must be at least 300 million VND.
  3. Case 3: For investment projects for establishments and enterprises in operation: Establishments, enterprises, after clearing, declare VAT and have input VAT that has not yet been deducted from 300 million VND or more. If it is less than 300 million VND, it will be transferred to the next tax period.
  4. Case 4: For establishments and enterprises that calculate tax by the deduction method: Establishments, enterprises when converting types, changing owners, dividing, splitting, merging, consolidating, dissolving, ceasing operation, breaking up products that have overpaid VAT or have not yet fully deducted input VAT from 300 million VND or more.

The VAT refund procedure includes the following steps:

(1) Make a request for tax refund and attach relevant documents;

(2) Submit the application and documents at the tax office;

(3) Waiting for approval and refund of the paid VAT amount.

VAT refund

corporate tax consulting

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