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With Formula "Managing a business with a long-term vision“, this requires managers to have the necessary knowledge and practical experience in business management. Business managers should not manage according to habits, previous experience has not been updated. listen to someone say ... but need to know the legal environment, management requirements, necessary management tools to effectively manage their business.

In order to provide tools for business managers, Expertis invests seriously and methodically Knowledge of business management.

Expertis's knowledge base of business management contains practical knowledge and experiences for business management in Vietnam, details as follows:

  • Knowledge of issues to be managed: Including knowledge and legal environment of Vietnam.
  • Required Experience/Skills: Includes practical experience, practical skills in specific management situations.

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In order to help readers follow the information in the fastest way, Expertis chooses to present the content in the following way concentration principle, so the content is presented as follows:

  • Each lesson will completely solve a specific problem, not fragmenting the problem into many separate problems.
  • The specific issues are written into a group of frequently asked questions for readers' convenience.

Experience shows that each business field always has its own characteristics. Therefore, we provide a specialized knowledge base that helps in-depth management and helps managers focus on content related to their field.

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