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With the motto "Management with understanding", Expertis invests seriously and methodically Knowledge of business management.

Expertis's knowledge base of business management contains Knowledge and Experience for business management in Vietnam, details are as follows:

  • Knowledge of issues to be managed: Including knowledge and legal environment of Vietnam.
  • Required Experience/Skills: Includes practical experience, practical skills in specific management situations.

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The practice of managing Labor records, managing Payroll and Social Insurance records has issues that you need to pay attention to. It may not happen right away for a few months, but usually it can happen after about a year.

Details are as follows:

  • Records when hiring employees are not only labor contracts but all relevant records such as salary scales, agreements, labor regulations, etc. You need to comply with the specified deadlines and store full documents. enough.
  • The payroll management file is not only a payroll but includes a full set of documents as a basis to prove the salary calculation, such as: Timekeeping parameters, salary calculation, personal income tax calculation, management of employees properties, calculation of social insurance, payroll records, etc. It is necessary to synchronize data and fully archive salary calculation documents.
  • The social insurance management record is not only the monthly social insurance payment amount, but it also includes the entire record to prove that the calculation and payment of social insurance is correct in data and in accordance with the law. Therefore, all social insurance records must be synchronized with data and fully archived. Periodically check the data with the insurance agency.
  • Health insurance card records must be regularly updated and monitored for each employee to maintain their right to health insurance.