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Updated at 31/08/2022 - 05:14 pm

What is an ideal accountant? #

Have you really understood the 2 words "ideal" correctly in the field of human resources? #

As we all know, in everyday life "ideal" is the good that motivates people to strive to achieve. Similarly, in the field of human resources "ideal" is also a good thing that businesses and employees are aiming for. Determining the "ideal" will help businesses and personnel have the right view and purpose as a driving force for development towards success.

Understandably, in the field of human resources, the ideal for employees is a working environment with perfect facilities, morale, policies, relationships, etc. They will be able to work comfortably, focus on promoting their full potential without worrying about other small things. Ideal for businesses, are employees with knowledge, skills and especially good qualities. If a business recruits and retains the ideal employees, then success comes to the business is a certainty. Enterprises always want to build a strong human resources team and prepare for growth towards success.

Conclusion about an ideal accountant for business #

For businesses, accounting plays an important role in controlling and limiting financial shortages in order to improve management efficiency. The job of the accountant is the work throughout the operation of the company. Therefore, businesses always want to find the ideal accountant. But what factors should an ideal accountant for a business meet? In the new era, Vietnamese businesses have increased requirements for candidates, ideal accountants must have:

  • High professional qualifications: a combination of knowledge and experience accountants need to demonstrate their competence when working for enterprises and be able to make reports; presenting accounting reports; statistical ability; financial analysis; ability to prepare and analyze accounting reports as well as corporate financial management; Having a deep and wide understanding of the provisions of the law related to business activities of the enterprise such as tax, accounting, investment ...
  • Soft skills are the abilities that a person needs to work, communicate, and interact with others to be successful in life. It includes different skills such as communication, listening, teamwork, proactive creativity, problem solving, time management, critical thinking, etc.
  • The ability to apply technology is a requirement for accountants in the 4.0 technology era. Accountants' jobs are all handled on computers and supporting software applications. With the update and change of software features, accountants need to be proficient in basic computer knowledge and skills. approach to learn advanced skills, to be able to make the most of the software.
  • Good qualities, sincerity, honesty, careful accuracy, a person who can be trusted and can undertake important tasks of the organization.
  • Competent, visionary people can give suggestions and advice to leaders on business issues.

But finding the ideal accountant is making it difficult for businesses to hire and with it can be time, money and effort. Sometimes having found the right candidate, businesses still have to have a strategy to attract them and ensure that they will join and quickly adapt to the work and environment at the enterprise.

Therefore, as an accounting HR recruiter, knowing where top talent can be found and strategies to attract the best candidates is essential to driving the efficiency of the recruitment process. as well as avoid mistakes in recruitment.

Where can I find top accounting candidates? #

First of all, businesses must give themselves the best possible chance, to receive high-quality job applications for accounting positions. If you want to find the ideal candidate, you need to be more proactive with your recruitment strategy, not simply advertising jobs on the web and waiting for candidates to apply.

  • Through networking with professionals working in the accounting industry, employers can get to know the right candidate for the position at the company. If so, contact them directly and invite them to interview for a position at your company
  • Expanding the network of accounting recruitment information on forums, recruitment pages and tracking candidates
  • Businesses can connect with recruitment services at reputable professional accounting recruitment companies
  • Consult with recruitment consultants with in-depth knowledge in the field of accounting, creating an advantage when planning recruitment to find the right talent.
    Employers can discuss accounting positions with potential candidates. At the same time, evaluate the candidate's salary expectations, desired benefits, and the candidate's top priority at the moment. From there, employers should come up with negotiating options to attract potential candidates.

If potential candidates are interested in accounting jobs and want to work for your organization, you may be very close to the ideal employee. Now, the recruiter should arrange to bring them to the interview process, make sure they have impressive knowledge and skills and fit the culture at your company.

How to build a strategy to attract finance and accounting candidates #

Once the business has arranged an interview with the participation of potential accounting candidates, you need to engage them and ask interview questions to determine if they are a good fit for the position. the job is hiring or not.

Once the ideal candidate is identified, the employer needs to have a strategy to attract employees. This means that the employer makes a job offer that the candidate cannot refuse. Offering low salaries, businesses have a high risk of losing candidates; But if the salary is too high, your organization may not be able to afford it, so remember that for top accounting professionals, what they need is more than just an attractive salary. They want a comprehensive package of benefits and a future in developing their careers.

6 factors that increase your chances of hiring the ideal accountant #

Competitive salaryMoney: money may not be a candidate's only concern when considering a job offer, but it's still an important one.
Learn about: Reference salary for the accounting and finance industry (Attach internallink to the article) to be able to come up with the most suitable salary for the accounting job position that the business can pay.
Flexible benefits: If the organization can offer a flexible range of benefits, employees can choose the benefits they want, this can increase the attraction as well as cohesion in the employee relationship. with business.
Training and development opportunities: accounting professionals will feel excited when they are being given the opportunity to develop and prepare for the greater responsibilities in their position in the future.
Good management: employees always want to work for great managers who they can refer to and learn from.
Clear career path: Ideal accounting candidates will want to take on new roles, develop their skills and prepare themselves to move further up the career ladder. Businesses need to recognize and nurture their talents, by slowly exposing them to leadership and management tasks.
Work-life balance: more and more professionals are looking for ways to achieve a better work-life balance. An ideal job would allow them to spend more time with family or leisure activities. If employers can offer benefits, flexible working opportunities, this will become a strong point in recruitment with competitive organizations.

In short, businesses need to properly understand and define what their ideal employee is, then implement a candidate search process and finally a strategy to attract the ideal accounting candidate. Businesses need to know where their priority potential candidates are, so they can come up with a strategy to attract them. In today's resource-poor environment, the ideal accountant will be sought after by many organizations, so employers need to provide benefits that stand out from the competition to attract the best talent. business suitability.

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