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Updated at 29/06/2022 - 04:41 pm

Manufacturing enterprises, especially production-to-order, large-scale production cannot lack the position of cost accounting in the organizational structure of the accounting apparatus. Cost accounting provides an important basis for a business's business decisions.

What is cost accounting? #

Cost accounting collects costs related to product costs, calculates costs for each type of product according to the cost accounting method selected by the enterprise, ensuring the complete accuracy of product costs. and is the basis for determining the appropriate selling price of goods, ensuring profits for businesses.

Job description #

  • Carry out the accounting of various types of cost-related accounting accounts according to the accounting method selected by the enterprise.
  • Check and compare data from accounting modules to ensure that the data is accurately accounted for for cost calculation.
  • Evaluate the volume of unfinished products in a scientific and reasonable manner, serving as a basis for accounting production costs in a complete and accurate period.
  • Managing costs, checking and comparing warehouse and accounting documents.
  • A set of costs, based on the constituent costs to calculate: the planned cost, the standard cost and the actual cost.
  • Controlling costs for each product according to each production order
  • Make price adjustments according to cost fluctuations.
  • Make a summary table - analyze production efficiency for each production order (Actual cost vs. planned cost).
  • Combined with the production department, the warehouse proposes solutions to improve production efficiency, save input costs and reduce production costs.
  • Periodically/irregularly conduct inventory of inventory, recovered scrap; compare with accounting books, find the cause of the difference and propose a solution.
  • Update norms into accounting software.
  • Other tasks as assigned by Chief Accountant.

Candidate Requirements #

Knowledge and experience #

  • Graduated from College/University with major in Finance, Accounting, Auditing, Banking.
  • At least 05 years of experience and at least 02 years in a similar position.
  • Good understanding of Accounting Policy, Inventory Accounting, Management Accounting.
  • Understanding the production process of medium/large enterprises.

Skill #

  • Skillful communication skills.
  • Good problem solving skills, fast.
  • Skilled in using Excel, accounting software, management software.
  • Ability to collect, analyze and report data.
  • Ability to organize, arrange and plan to carry out assigned tasks.

Personal request #

  • Male Female.
  • Work attitude: careful, responsible, serious, polite, friendly.
  • Human and social attitudes: Honesty, decency, morality, self-respect.

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