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Updated at 21/09/2022 - 01:41 pm

Effective cash flow management is a key issue in business operations of the enterprise, the top concern of the board of directors. So who in the business takes on this role? Depending on the size of the business, this position has different names and is usually a liability accountant.

What is debt accounting? #

Debt accountant is the position responsible for checking, monitoring, urging debt recovery, proposing solutions to collect receivables as well as paying debts in an optimal way. Debt accounting must always ensure that the debt in the enterprise only exists at the allowable level, avoiding outstanding debt situations, affecting the cash flow and solvency of the enterprise.

Job description #

  • Control and manage data related to receivables from customers: compare data between details, summarize to ensure accurate, complete and timely recording of arising amounts and debt deadlines .
  • Control and manage data related to payables to suppliers: compare data between details, summarize to ensure accurate, complete and timely recording of arising amounts and payable deadlines.
  • Make accounting records of receivables from customers and payable to suppliers in accordance with current regulations and under the guidance of the Chief Accountant/In charge of accounting.
  • Reconciling receivables with customers, payable to suppliers on a monthly/unscheduled basis.
  • Urging the collection of receivables from customers.
  • Prepare monthly/weekly customer collection plan, customer collection report.
  • Make a monthly/weekly payment plan, classify payables by payment term.
  • Report data related to receivables from customers, sales revenue.
  • Report on classification of customer debt by age of debt.
  • Proposing effective solutions for debt collection from customers, minimizing the risk of bad debts that are difficult to recover…
  • Other tasks as required by Chief Accountant, Board of Directors.

Candidate Requirements #

Knowledge and experience #

  • University graduate with major in Finance/Accounting/Auditing/Banking.
  • At least 03 years of experience in accounting, including at least 01 years in a similar position.
  • Mastering accounting regimes, accounting standards, tax laws related to receivables, revenue, invoices and documents.

Skill #

  • Skillful communication skills.
  • Good problem solving skills, fast.
  • Skill in using accounting software, Excel.
  • Ability to organize, arrange and plan to carry out assigned tasks.
  • Good English communication skills.

Personal request #

  • Women and men
  • Work attitude: careful, responsible, serious, polite.
  • Human and social attitudes: Honesty, decency, morality, self-respect.

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