'EXPERTIS' is an Expert

Expertis has been fully equipped with Human Resources – Competence – Qualifications to be able to bring its customers high quality services.

Expertis is an Auditing - Accounting - Tax and Consulting company established in 2003 in Ho Chi Minh City.

We provide effective solutions for effective management of business operations.

Expertis leaders are experts from 15-20 years of experience in the field of auditing, accounting, tax, information technology, corporate governance at foreign and Vietnamese corporations.


Over 18 years of operation and development, Expertis has been fully equipped with Human Resources – Competence – Qualifications to be able to bring its customers high quality services.


Expertis has experienced professionals who can provide a wide range of services for managing your business in all 4 stages of Start-up - Development - Stabilization - Expansion.


Many years of diverse experience allow us to provide specialized services for each business area, including industry groups: commerce, services, manufacturing, transportation - logistics, information technology...

Mastery of Knowledge and Mastery of Skills Create the Possibility for Success

We are ExpertisE

What do you need?

Reasons to choose us

Local relations help us to handle customer issues quickly and economically, knowingly how to consult the competent management agencies on issues that need active consultation.

Professional handling skills

With specialized knowledge and skills, we are confident that we can provide customers with the sharpest and most effective advice for the needs of businesses.

Observe, analyze and quickly provide solutions to solve customers' problems quickly and appropriately for any arising situations.

Reasonable fee basis

Over the years, we have come to charge for services based on: Hours wasted x Earnings per hour of experts

All of our services are billed on this principle, creating clarity, transparency and providing flexibility for clients in choosing consultants.

Professional processing skills (hightech)

Own technology company B24. We are experts in the field of information technology, so the methods and applications that we use to do the work for our customers are modern methods based on modern information technology platforms. .

Customer data is always safe, the method is modern, scientific, and cost-effective for customers.

Providing services in specialized English

We are capable of providing face-to-face service, one-on-one consultation in English from the implementation specialists and consultants.

For legal language, this makes a huge difference in the quality of advice compared to the [1 expert in charge + 1 non-specialist interpreter].
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Foreign enterprises in Vietnam (FDI)
International Award (Most Asia Impactful Service Award 2016
Communication is key

Understand and respect relationships

Expertis performs services

personal understanding

Understanding is the most important value that every Expertis member considers to be one of the most important skills a person can have.

Understanding is not only a factor for building and maintaining healthy and positive relationships, but also contributes to helping people work more effectively and succeed in cooperation.

Personal understanding

Whether doing business for passion or for profit, a business is always the "child" that the owner devotes a lot of heart to. Expertis approaches based on this insight.

Understand the need

We have the ability and desire to understand the needs of our customers, whether they are macro or micro needs, short term or long term.

define your goal

Our services are focused on helping you achieve your specific goals in the best possible way.

Our customer

We are motivated to do the best job possible. We pride ourselves on cultivating long-term customer relationships built on mutual trust and respect.
Our customers include many domestic and international companies, leading companies in Japan, Europe, India ... the world's best corporations and manufacturers.

Our team of experts is always ready to help you

We are present on many modern as well as traditional communication channels. You can contact us by any appropriate channel. Connect directly with our experts using the following built-in (secure) online Chat channel