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Updated at 01/07/2022 - 08:37 am

Internal accounting is a fairly new phrase for those new to the accounting profession. So what is the internal accounting link in the accounting department of the business? Internal accounting appears depending on the structure of the accounting department of each business. Usually when business owners want to have independence between management accounting (internal accounting) and financial accounting, the accounting department will be divided into two groups of accounting. Some small-scale enterprises only have internal accountants and outsource accounting services to perform accounting and reporting tasks in accordance with the Accounting Standards and Regulations.

So what is internal accounting? #

Internal accountant or management accountant is a position of personnel who inspects, controls, stores, statistics, and accounts for all actual arising operations in the enterprise according to management objectives; Prepare reports as required by the Board of Directors.

Job description #

  • Carry out transactions with the bank at the request of the Board of Directors.
  • Manage and issue VAT invoices to customers.
  • Check the validity and legitimacy of invoices and purchase documents.
  • Control and manage data related to receivables from customers: compare data between details, summarize to ensure accurate, complete and timely recording of arising amounts and debt deadlines .
  • Reconciling receivables with customers on a monthly/unscheduled basis.
  • Urging the collection of receivables from customers.
  • Report data related to receivables from customers, sales revenue.
  • Report on classification of customer debt by age of debt.
  • Keep track of your business's liabilities.
  • Collect and store arising accounting vouchers in scientific order.
  • Coordinate with the accounting/salary service provider according to the service provider's service agreement.
  • Prepare a plan to spend money at the request of the Board of Directors.
  • Prepare internal revenue/expenditure reports weekly/monthly/quarterly or ad hoc if needed.
  • Prepare management reports at the request of the Board of Directors.

Candidate Requirements #

Knowledge and experience #

  • University graduate with major in Finance/Accounting/Auditing/Banking.
  • At least 02 year of experience in a similar position.
  • Mastering Accounting Standards, Accounting Regimes, Accounting Laws, Tax Laws….
  • Good English ability (4 skills).

Skill #

  • Skillful communication skills.
  • Good problem solving skills.
  • Skill in using accounting software, Excel.
  • Ability to organize, arrange and plan to carry out assigned tasks.

Personal request #

  • Women and men
  • Work attitude: careful, responsible, serious, polite.
  • Human and social attitudes: Honesty, decency, morality, self-respect.

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