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Tax settlement service

Safe, successful, efficient and gentle tax finalization with Expertis' tax settlement service. Tax experts of Expertis will advise on preparing tax finalization documents and represent businesses to make tax settlement explanations.

tax settlement service

Bring you peace of mind

Ensure compliance with the law

We help you ensure legal compliance and avoid legal risks with constantly changing tax regulations.

Save time and effort

We have a team of professionals with extensive tax knowledge and experience to save you time and effort.

Positive local relations

Problems and difficulties in the tax refund process are resolved through active consultation with local authorities

year-end tax finalization service

tax settlement service

Contents of the service

  • We advise the tax finalization process suitable to the type of business, guide the necessary preparations.
  • We will advise and evaluate the records before tax finalization, to ensure thorough and complete preparation and help business owners have a complete picture of the status of their business records.
  • We will advise to review documents before tax finalization, to ensure thorough and complete preparation and help business owners assess problems that may arise.
  • Support searching for detailed data in accounting software or accounting records.
  • We will represent the required documents to the tax authorities.
  • We also support processing and extracting software files, excel soft files according to the form required by tax authorities.
  • We will represent and explain tax and accounting matters related to final settlement data upon request to tax authorities.
  • We advise and protect business data in accordance with the law.
  • Search and provide guidance documents on issues that have not been agreed upon between enterprises and tax authorities.
  • We will advise businesses on settlement contents in accordance with the law. Consulting enterprises to explain, provide necessary evidences and documents to protect the legitimate interests of enterprises.
  • We advise processing data after settlement into current accounting books.

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tax settlement service company


Top Q&A

This is a service provided by tax consultants to help businesses explain, provide explanations and documents related to their tax finalization with tax authorities.

You need to use this service when you encounter problems related to tax finalization, such as tax authorities requesting explanations, or businesses have difficulties in determining, calculating or assessing the amount of tax payable. submit.

This service helps businesses solve problems related to tax finalization accurately and timely, avoiding errors and risks in the process of working with tax authorities. In addition, tax settlement also helps businesses save time, optimize processes and improve operational efficiency.

Depending on the complexity of the matter, you may be able to self-manage the tax settlement. However, using a tax consulting service will help you ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the due diligence process, and save you time and focus on your business.

year-end tax finalization service

tax settlement service company

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