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Financial Due Diligence (FDD)

Our financial due diligence service focuses on reviewing and verifying financial information to assess the financial aspects of the target business

Detailed financial appraisal service

Bringing you clarity

Information transparency

We provide comprehensive historical information review, current financial information verification goals for the comprehensive target business.

Active perfection

We advise the target enterprise to improve its financial situation and internal control, and strengthen the management capacity of the target enterprise.

Increase your chances

Obligations arising from existing and past transactions are of great interest to the target enterprise by the acquirer. Due diligence increases opportunities for both parties.

Financial Due Diligence (FDD)

Contents of the service

Our team of experts will conduct in-depth consultations with the parties to clarify the objective and scope of the detailed due diligence and related issues:

  • Enterprises carry out financial appraisal before selling the business.
  • The business buyer wants to perform a financial due diligence of the target business.
  • Enterprises and organizations want financial appraisal before conducting mergers and consolidation.

Financial due diligence is the review and verification of financial information provided for the purpose of making a financial assessment of a target business, including but not limited to income, asset, debt, cash flow, loans as well as the internal control system of the target business.

The result of the financial appraisal is the Financial Appraisal Report, the contents of the financial appraisal report may include:

  • Accounting policies;
  • Revenue, expenses, profit;
  • Cash flows;
  • Situation of assets and capital sources up to the time of assessment;
  • Tax Status and Risks;
  • Other problems.

financial statement appraisal service

financial statement appraisal service


Bonus services

When the quality of the financial and accounting management system becomes a great influence on the efficient operation of your company, the risk of errors occurring frequently, or costing you too much time to manage, That's when you should build a compatible accounting and financial management system for your company.

Services of building financial and accounting management systems will include:

  • Develop and implement financial and accounting management processes.
  • Consulting and equipping accounting software.
  • Recruit and guide the personnel in charge of your company to carry out the process.

The service of developing financial and accounting management processes is performed in the form of a one-time contract. View service details

We build a salary system for businesses, this service brings benefits such as:

  • Helping businesses build a suitable salary system for business operations.
  • Help synchronize the enterprise's salary system with other financial systems compatible with the provisions of the Labor Policy - Salary Policy - Social Insurance Policy.
  • Help apply 3P salary in business enterprises.

 See more >

We provide recruitment services specialized in finance and accounting, services include:

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your company's staffing needs based on the size, structure and goals of your financial accounting system
  • Develop job descriptions and requirements for each position needed for smooth operation of the system
  • Support sourcing (you pay for suppliers if any)
  • Filter resumes, identify suitable candidates through different recruitment channels
  • Screen and shortlist candidates based on qualifications, experience and compatibility with your company's culture and values
  • Conduct interviews and evaluations to select the most suitable candidates for the positions
  • Train new employees to ensure they understand their roles, responsibilities and the requirements of your financial accounting system
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to employees according to system design and requirements
  • Provide ongoing support and guidance to employees to ensure smooth and efficient system operation

See details of recruitment services here

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Check your finances

Financial transparency helps to enhance business value and opportunities in M&A transactions. We'll take care of the cumbersome process while you focus on your core strengths.

financial statement appraisal service


Top Q&A

The time limit for carrying out the financial appraisal is normally about 15-30 working days from the date of completion of the financial statement as the basis for the assessment.

This time depends on the contract agreement and the time to multiply the verification results from the 3rd party.

The basic financial and tax objectives to be achieved are as follows. These goals are scalable according to the needs of the buyer/seller:

  • Financial status and business performance of the target business?
  • Have the financial statements of the target business been audited? And if so, for what period was it audited?
  • Do the financial statements and financial notes adequately represent the liabilities of the target business?
  • The situation of setting up provisions and handling provisions?
  • Are the future financial projections and underlying assumptions reasonable and reliable?
  • What basic working capital will be needed to continue operating the Business?
  • What is the status of the properties and mortgages?
  • Status of loans and repayments?
  • What debts exist or are secured by the target business? What are its terms and when should it be refunded?
  • Is there any unusual revenue?
  • Is there a problem with accounts receivable?
  • Tax status of the target business?
  • Has the processing of Notices/Dispatch/Documents from Tax Administrations sent to Target Enterprises been completed or not?
  • Tax status and payment status confirmations, tax arrears confirmations, tax refund decisions (if any)?

The “financial appraisal service fee is unreasonable” usually occurs in 2 cases:

  • Being unreasonable in the LOWER direction will reduce the quality of the assessment, and the assessment objectives may not be achieved.
  • Unreasonably in the HIGHER direction will lead to losses for businesses using the service.

Expertis charges a very reasonable fee for the appraisal service according to the expert's cost and the appraisal objective to be achieved. Please contact us using the form attached here for the details of your case.

It is common to use the Annual Financial Statements of the last 3 years showing what about the financial health and business performance of the company.

The number of years it takes to perform a financial due diligence also depends on the buyer's goals for the target business. However, if the number of appraisal years is less than 3 years, then the problem of trend analysis will not be feasible.

No, financial due diligence indicates the accuracy and reliability of financial data.

However, based on the appraised financial data, we support the valuation by the asset method.

Yes, the financial due diligence report shows the liabilities and possibly the client's confirmation in case this is the target to be achieved. Note that the waiting time to receive confirmation from the customer may not be suitable for the appraisal plan because usually the customer replies are always later than the time required for the appraisal.

detailed financial appraisal service

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