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Updated at 29/09/2022 - 09:58 am

Financial and accounting candidates with expertise are the object of many businesses' interest and need to "recruit". However, how to approach these candidates effectively is a problem that makes employers quite a headache. Therefore, in this article we will give some suggestions on the best way to approach and evaluate candidates for the corporate finance and accounting department.

How to approach finance and accounting candidates #

In order to successfully recruit talented financial accountants as expected, businesses need to expand their network to find candidates. However, how can the recruitment information of the enterprise be accessible to the most qualified candidates?

Internal recruitment #

Internal recruitment is the method chosen by many businesses, many recruitment experts advise that recruitment priorities should be 15% - 18% for vacant positions with existing personnel. For example, when an enterprise has a recruitment need for the Finance and Accounting department, all finance and accounting staff in the company can apply or recommend suitable personnel.
Internal recruitment will bring advantages such as:

Save time and money: Because of available human resources, businesses take less time to find potential candidates and accordingly, investment costs for the recruitment process will be reduced by about 50% compared to recruiting from outside.

Minimize risk: For businesses, because the candidate is an existing employee, the employer has grasped the candidate's capacity and information. Thanks to that, it is completely possible to feel secure and make the right decision in the process of selecting candidates more. On the personnel side, because of working at the company, familiar with the culture as well as financial work at the company. As a result, they can rely on their organization and access and adapt to new positions faster.

Facilitating talent development: Through internal recruitment, candidates in the company are facilitated to expand their careers. Trying a new position is a good opportunity to develop talents and encourage the working spirit of finance and accounting personnel.

Social networks - the fastest way to reach young talents #

Currently, the popularity of social networks is an undisputed story, according to statistics, on average, Vietnamese young people spend nearly 30 hours a week on online activities, including social networks. Many people use social networks for entertainment and self-expression, but there are also many people who use social networks to find information and find jobs.

Therefore, businesses can create social networking channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to be proactive in posting news and finding quality profiles. Another thing is that because the candidate's demand for using social networks is large, employers will easily interact and exchange with candidates. In addition, employers can also use professional finance and accounting forums to search for potential candidates for specific positions.

Make company and job information attractive #

Building employee orientation is an important thing, but finding and recruiting people who match the company's direction is equally important. To be able to make your business a desirable working environment, the position you are hiring for, a dream job for many, employers should create an attractive job description. The following issues may be mentioned:

Company culture: Tell about a typical working day at the business, highlight specific information about the company's unique features, about what employees love about working here.

Offer a competitive salary and benefits: This is one of the most decisive factors in recruiting candidates, especially for qualified candidates.

Make vacancies stand out and more challenging: These are two great motivational factors for talented candidates, they want a good job and have the opportunity to learn new things from challenges at work.

Flexible and differentiated benefit proposition: For accounting and finance professionals, in addition to salary, job development opportunities, they also want to achieve balance in life. For example, flexible working hours, allowing employees to work from home, or some benefits that other businesses do not have will be attractive factors for talented candidates.

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Use the test to screen candidates #

If in the past, when businesses had a need to recruit personnel, personnel had to spend a lot of time reading and screening candidate profiles to get a short list of the most suitable and potential people on the internet. With hundreds of CVs sent, many businesses now consider using personality assessments and tests to learn more about candidates, as well as screen candidates suitable for financial positions. corporate accountant. Using the test will help businesses reach a group of potential candidates without spending too much time, human resources or costs on this screening.

Build a list of potential candidates #

Finally, in each interview, the business has a list of candidate profile information. Employers should retain the information of potential candidates who meet the requirements or may be suitable candidates for other positions but currently there are no suitable vacancies at the enterprise. This will help recruiters build a solid, big data source to look at when hiring for a new position.

In addition, HR can add more in-depth information about the candidate when the candidates introduce themselves, or HR can also call someone on the candidate's reference list and ask more about them. , delve into questions based on the job position that the business is oriented. Enterprises can contact to recruit those candidates when there is a need to recruit suitable positions for them.

The best way to evaluate financial accounting candidates #

To evaluate accounting and finance candidates, interview is no longer the only form of assessment. The use of knowledge tests is not a new way but will help businesses assess many of the necessary factors of candidates. In addition, interview questions also need to be cleverly designed to better understand the candidate, know their strengths and weaknesses, as well as assess the cultural fit with your business. .

Knowledge test #

When businesses are looking to select talent in the finance - accounting industry, the requirement for highly specialized knowledge is essential. Therefore, businesses can ask candidates to take a knowledge test to evaluate them. When designing the test, the following should be kept in mind:

  • The knowledge test should be designed in accordance with the professional requirements of each position. For example, with a general accountant position, specialized knowledge will be higher than that of a liability accountant. Questions should be designed to include the basic knowledge that is the foundation of accounting, difficult questions, special questions that are suitable for your company's business characteristics, up-to-date knowledge to assess the candidate's understanding of new regulations affecting accounting and financial reporting.
  • The combined knowledge test can design the same number of IQ questions as less stress for the candidate and the test is more diverse.
  • The number of questions and the time for candidates to take the test need to ensure 2 criteria: ensure the minimum time to complete and put pressure on the candidate. Why put pressure on candidates in this position? More than anyone, an accountant needs to know how to manage time and be able to work under pressure.

The time to take the test should be combined with the first interview. Employers need to inform the candidate in advance and create a separate quiet space for the candidate to concentrate best for the test. In case of recruitment through online form. Design tests through apps and websites.

If you are in need of assistance in testing the candidate's ability in the Finance and Accounting department, please leave a message or contact us directly via

Hotline: 0903 024 034 for the best support!

Interviewing candidates #

Interviewing is an indispensable form of recruitment. To evaluate financial and accounting candidates in the best way. Employers need to carefully prepare all the necessary questions to achieve recruitment goals, specifically:

  • Design interview questions about applied knowledge in practice to exploit the strengths of the candidate's experience and skillfully let them apply the right solution for your business. Note not to create a feeling of overlap with the questions in the knowledge test that the candidate has completed.
  • Design assessment scenarios to determine exactly how candidates respond to specific situations related to teamwork, adaptability, and communication.
  • Set the general criteria of the interview: do not rush to judge the candidate, take notes of the answers. Evaluate each candidate based on the same hiring criteria of the company, such as enthusiasm, carefulness, honesty, body language and suitable personality.

The finance and accounting department is the department that deals with almost every department in the business. Therefore, personnel in this department in addition to professional knowledge, candidates are also required to have good communication skills or effective teamwork. Especially in high-level positions such as Chief Accountant, in addition to the above skills, chief accountants also need to have decisive and negotiation skills. To achieve the interview goal, employers can consider group interviews. With this type of interview, the employer will have more time to observe and listen to the candidate, thereby having a fairer and more objective assessment for the candidate.

In summary, there is no specific model to evaluate accounting and finance candidates. Employers need to spend time to design and build recruitment methods to find accounting and finance candidates that are suitable for business goals and also need policies to retain good candidates for long-term employment. for your business.

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