Comprehensive - Focused

Service Ecosystem

Expertis provides an ecosystem of services for businesses from the Establishment and Market Entry Stage to the Expansion and Transition Stage. 

Invest - Start a business

We not only advise on the procedure of setting up a business, but also advise on starting a new business, helping you figure out where to start and how to achieve success as a professional companion.

Consulting services for setting up a business

Legal problems When setting up a new business Legal problems When setting up a new business Establishing a company is the first step to lay the foundation for starting a business as well as developing and opening a business.

Foreign investment consulting service in Vietnam

We not only advise foreign investors on investment procedures in Vietnam, but also advise on operating a foreign-invested business in Vietnam, helping you figure out where to start and how. to achieve success

Operation - Business Management

Providing useful solutions for business owners and managers in the most effective, convenient and safe way.

Accounting services

Help you have a standard, legal and optimal accounting system for taxes Service function Expertis accounting service helps you always comply with regulations

Tax Advisory Service

Our years of experience in tax consulting and local relationships will help businesses solve tax worries

Sustainable development management

Expertis provides services to help businesses control risks, perfect the management system, and help businesses develop sustainably.

Accounting system building services

Accounting services Helping to build a standard, scientific and effective accounting and financial management system Service functions Service of building an enterprise accounting system to help build a system for businesses

Financial statement audit service

Service function EXPERTIS's financial statement audit service is designed to help businesses enhance the truthfulness and reliability of their financial statements.

Compliance audit service

Compliance audit independently checks and evaluates the compliance of audit contents (laws, regulations, regulations, regimes, policies, ...) according to current regulations.

Expansion - M&A

At the expansion and transfer stages, Expertis provides M&A consulting services, providing the necessary tools and knowledge when businesses are ready to go.

Financial Due Diligence (FDD)

Expertis's Financial Due Diligence service focuses on reviewing and verifying the financial information provided to assess the financial aspects of the target business for the purchase. sale and merger of businesses.

Consulting on mergers and acquisitions

We provide consulting and connection services for domestic and foreign buyers and sellers.

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