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Handbook | Labor management – ​​Salary – Social insurance

Updated at 20/08/2023 - 05:58 pm

This manual is a complete guide for businesses on the payroll system, including 5 sections as follows:
  1. Salary system in the enterprise
  2. Labor recruitment
  3. Building a salary system
  4. Participating in compulsory social insurance
  5. Sanctions on labor, salary, social insurance

1. Understanding the HR system and salary of the enterprise #

2. Understand the necessary labor regulations when recruiting workers #

Guidance on Labor Contracts #

The article provides complete and detailed instructions on labor contracts and instructions on signing labor contracts, performing and terminating labor contracts.

3. Understand the regulations on salary, well organize and manage the salary system #

4. Understand the responsibility of participating in compulsory social insurance for businesses #

5. Know the behaviors at risk of being penalized #

Complying with regulations and following the right process not only helps you avoid legal risks, but also contributes to the transparency and financial health of your business.

Doing the above is not easy for businesses, the effective solution is to use a professional service: Cooperate with a payroll expert to ensure you follow the correct process and comply with regulations law.

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Payroll management service

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