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Change the deadline for paying unemployment insurance from April 01, 04

Updated at 17/04/2023 - 09:05 am

Method of paying Unemployment Insurance from April 01, 04 #

Vietnam Social Insurance has just issued Decision 490/QD-BHXH amending Decision 595/QD-BHXH and Decision 505/QD-BHXH, in which amending the method of paying Unemployment Insurance from April 01, 04, according to which all employers must pay unemployment insurance premiums and deduct employees' monthly wages to contribute at the same time to the insurance fund. unemployment insurance.

The method of paying unemployment insurance in the past #

Previously, the method of paying unemployment insurance premium was specified in Decision 595/QD-BHXH and Decision 505/QD-BHXH as follows:

- Monthly closing:

No later than the last day of the month, the unit shall deduct the payment of compulsory social insurance from the monthly salary fund of the employees participating in the compulsory social insurance and at the same time deduct it from the monthly salary on which the compulsory social insurance premium is based. of each employee according to the prescribed rate, transferred at the same time to the collection account of the social insurance agency opened at the bank or the State Treasury.

- If the unit is an enterprise, cooperative, individual business household, or cooperative group operating in the fields of agriculture, forestry, fishery and salt production, paying wages by product or by contract shall register the payment method. pay every 03 or 06 months with the social insurance agency; The social insurance agency shall coordinate with the Labor agency in inspecting the unit before deciding on the payment method of the unit.

By the last day of the payment method, the unit must transfer enough money to the social insurance fund.

– Close by location:

+ Units with headquarters in any province shall register to participate in paying social insurance premiums in that province according to the assignment of provincial social insurance authorities.

+ Any branch of the enterprise operating in a locality shall pay social insurance premiums in that area or at the parent company.

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