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We not only advise foreign investors on investment procedures in Vietnam, but also advise on operating a foreign-invested business in Vietnam, helping you figure out where to start and how. to achieve success in Vietnam!


We will help you when you face the following situations:


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establishment of a foreign-invested enterprise

(1) – Indirect investment in Vietnam: Buy shares, contributed capital of an existing Vietnamese enterprise, only apply for a Certificate of Approval for the sale of capital to foreign investors without applying for a registration certificate. Sign the investment (Apply for a foreign investment license allowing foreign investors to buy capital contributions from Vietnamese enterprises (In this case, there is no IRC).

(2) – Direct investment in Vietnam: Investment under an investment project that applies for an Investment Registration Certificate (Apply for an “investment license, the official term is an application for an Investment Registration Certificate”. investment – ​​Investment Registration Certificate – IRC) and establish a foreign-invested enterprise (The official term is to apply for an Enterprise Registration Certificate – ERC).

(3) – Change the type of investment from less than 51% foreign owned capital to more than 51% foreign owned capital (Transition to apply investment conditions to foreign countries), and vice versa (Transfer to foreign ownership). to apply investment conditions like domestic investors in Vietnam).

(4) – Consulting to extend the investment registration certificate for investment projects to the time of investment expiration.

Consulting on the following issues related to business lines and business conditions For industries and professions with conditional market access:

  • Consulting conditions, how to meet the conditions and how to prove foreign investors meet the investment conditions in Vietnam.
  • Consulting on professional capacity conditions according to specific industries: Conditions for practicing certificates (Director or manager).
  • Consultancy on conditions of facilities and operation: Facilities; Security; Fire protection; Food safety and hygiene.
  • Consulting retail business license for the case of investment projects with retail or opening a second retail point outside the head office (2st retail point)

3.1 – Consulting to meet the regulations on the rate of ownership of charter capital of foreign investors in economic organizations, including:

  • Consulting the level of capital ownership of foreign investors in accordance with the law for each industry;
  • Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each capital structure that foreign investors choose.

3.2 – Furthermore, we advise actual operational capital needs, including:

  • Consultancy on appropriate charter capital for each industry.
  • Legal capital consulting (Real estate, protection, finance...).
  • Investment Capital Consulting – Working capital is the amount of capital that you really need when starting your business.

3.3 – In case the investment project has a foreign loan plan, or you plan to use foreign loans, we provide advice on foreign loans, including:

  • Conditions for short, medium and long-term foreign loans;
  • The maximum rate that can be borrowed from abroad in the total investment project; Problems arising when borrowing abroad;
  • Presentation of investment projects when having foreign loans.

Expertis has extensive experience in preparing investment projects for investment purposes, including the purpose of applying for an investment registration certificate (ERC). We will advise and support you a lot in the following needs about investment projects:

  • Make an investment project based on your business estimate.
  • Present the investment project to relevant parties such as: Investment licensing agency, board of directors.
  • Investment projects shall be submitted to the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) in case the project has foreign loans.

Accounting Policy Consulting – Tax policy is expected to apply to the lines of the established business:

  • Tax policy for business activities about to be established.
  • The state's preferential policies for the field of operation of enterprises, conditions for enjoyment.
  • Requirements on business management, finance, accounting, auditing, statistics.

Labor laws, wages and mandatory social insurance changes rapidly from 2017 to the present, you may not be able to anticipate all the complications when you start recruiting. We will help you as follows:

  • Labor and employment policy Consultancy on salary policy, especially salary policy with business significance according to modern salary model.
  • Consulting on social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance policies.

Service Value


A single business entity

You should not only be interested in applying for an investment license, an IRC investment registration certificate and an ERC business registration certificate. But your entire investment profile needs to be consistent with these business licenses, all the issues in your investment registration file will follow throughout the investment project implementation process. Expertis advises you to achieve this.

Sure help for successful investment

We understand that you face many difficulties and concerns when coming to a country other than your home country. As such, we aspire to help you understand the overall business and regulatory environment in which you invest. Choosing the right direction and understanding the issues that will arise in the business process is a sure premise for your successful investment in Vietnam.

A reliable companion in Vietnam

Our mission is to provide useful solutions for successful business management and operation in Vietnam. We not only advise you at the market entry step, but we also support you throughout the business process. Fluent in English, we are your professional companion in the process of doing business in Vietnam.



With comprehensive capacity and more than 18 years of experience in business and investment consulting, we not only advise you to obtain the IRC Investment Registration Certificate, ERC Business Registration Certificate, Business License, etc. (WTO), but also advise you to start a new business in Vietnam, help you figure out the best place to start and how to achieve success as a professional companion.

Our local knowledge connects to your needs effectively as we advise and help you understand the business environment in Vietnam in fluent English.

Expertis' consulting services focus on service quality and building long-term relationships with Clients.

This allows us to understand all aspects of the business and the environment in which it operates, to ensure that the work is focused on the right nature and time, making it efficient and cost-competitive. best.

+ Accurately perform the work content as agreed in the contract.

+ Prepare reports, send reports as required and on time.

+ Cooperate with customers to find solutions to problems to ensure that the interests of customers come first.


Frequently asked questions

Required documents for applying for an investment license in Vietnam are as follows:


a. Requirements for individual investors:

– Copy of legal passport (It is a legal true copy and certified according to the consular legalization procedure in case of copies abroad).

If the copy is in Vietnam, there is no need to carry out the consular legalization procedure. 

b. Requirements for investors who are foreign enterprises:

– A true copy of the business license according to the laws of the investor country – Business license or other names (It is a legal copy and certified according to the consular legalization procedure).

- A true copy of the company's charter according to the laws of the investor's country (A legal copy and certified according to the consular legalization procedure).

– Power of attorney, appointment for the representative of the enterprise in Vietnam (Original or a legal copy and certified according to the consular legalization procedure).

– A copy of the authorized person's legal passport (It is a legal true copy and certified according to the consular legalization procedure in case the copy is overseas).


a. Requirements for individual investors:

– Bank confirmation of the investor’s account balance showing that the investor has enough money to invest in Vietnam (the original or a copy of the original and the certificate of consular legalization).

b. For corporate investors:

i) In case a new enterprise is established for less than one year:

- Bank certificate of the company's account balance showing that the company has enough money to invest in Vietnam (original or a copy of the original and a Certificate of Consular Legalization).

ii) In the case of companies established for more than 1 year

- Bank certificate of the company's account balance showing that the company has enough money to invest in Vietnam (original or a copy of the original and a Certificate of Consular Legalization).

– Audited financial statements in the last 1-2 years (original or true copy)


a. For locations outside the Industrial Park:

– The rental contract clearly states that the purpose of the lease is to open a company in Vietnam

– Papers proving that the place of use is allowed to set up the factory (No pollution)

b. For the location in the Industrial Park:

– Contract for land lease or including factory in the industrial park.


Depending on the required industry, there are records of competence that need to be demonstrated, such as: schools, hospitals, construction, advertising, design consultants, etc. Usually, there are 3 groups of requirements:

– Executive manager competency requirements: Provide an executive manager’s legal profile and describe their experience.

- Legal capital capacity of industries that need legal capital.

- The required facilities capacity.

You can find information at the National Information System on Foreign Investment of Vietnam at

and National Investment Portal at

The total time to apply for a license for a foreign investment project is equal to the total time to apply for a license for the following items:

1. Time for granting an Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) for a common occupation: 15 working days;

  • For investment projects in the field of retail goods opened under WTO commitments, the time is 45 working days.
  • For industries not yet committed in the WTO Commitments, it is necessary to consult the specialized management ministry, depending on the number of agencies to consult, please contact us for details. The time limit for consulting a specialized ministry is 1 working days.

2. Time to apply for an Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC): 05 working days

3. Time to apply for a retail business license: 24-28 working days.


After being granted a business registration certificate, you need to complete the following issues:

  • Carry out procedures for announcement of business registration information at the Business Registration Agency.
  • Engrave the enterprise seal and post a notice on the use of the enterprise seal form on the national electronic portal on business registration.
  • Implement procedures for initial declaration and payment of taxes for enterprises.
  • Open a bank account and notify the business registration office and tax administration agency directly
  • Open a capital account (Capital Account) and make capital contribution or investment capital payment.
  • Other procedures as prescribed by law (if any).

There are quite a few common mistakes when making investment capital contributions, here are some notes on contributing capital for you:

1. Must open an investment capital account, cannot use a regular checking account to receive contributed capital.

Consequences: Stuck in investment capital because it is not possible to transfer money back to the country when you want to stop investing.

2. Transfer of capital contribution within the commitment period: Usually 90 days according to Vietnamese law or according to the commitment time in the ERC Investment Registration Certificate.

Consequences: Past the time limit for capital contribution commitment, you cannot open a capital account and cannot contribute capital unless you adjust the IRC and may be fined for administrative violations.

3. Use your legal foreign currency account abroad, or your other legal account to transfer capital contribution.

Only if your IRC investment registration certificate states “Cash contribution” can you make a cash deposit. In other cases, you should follow the instructions on transferring money to contribute capital.

Notes when contributing in cash:

(i) You should deposit money into an investment capital account opened at a bank.

(ii) You need to verify that the amount of cash you have to deposit is legal.

Due to the change in the regulations of the Vietnamese Law on this issue, and the payment transaction has many differences from the normal process, for advice on this procedure, please contact directly with us.

We are experts in consulting for renewal of investment registration certificates, applying for investment registration certificates, applying for investment licenses, applying for foreign investment licenses, establishing enterprises with investment capital. foreign investment in Vietnam. Please contact Expertis.

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