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From April 21, activate e-invoices nationwide

According to Decree No. 123/2020/ND-CP stipulating invoices and documents, all taxpayers who are using invoices under regulations 51/2010/ND-CP will switch to using electronic invoices. from July 1, 7. Therefore, on April 2022, the Ministry of Finance held a ceremony to announce the nationwide electronic invoice system with the participation of the Government and leaders at all levels from 21 provinces.

Determined to cover e-invoices nationwide

Under the direction of the Ministry of Finance, the General Department of Taxation has organized the implementation of the application of e-invoices in 2 phases: 

Stage XNXX (from November 21, 11 to March 2021, 31): successfully deployed in 3 provinces and cities including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh City, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Phu Tho and Binh Dinh. These are the key localities in terms of economic activities, accounting for about 2022% of the number of enterprises and 6% of the number of invoices issued in the country. 

Stage XNXX (from April 4): deploying e-invoices in the remaining 2022 provinces and cities.

In the spirit of high determination and unified implementation solution, by March 31, all businesses in 3 provinces and cities in phase 6 have converted to electronic invoices. Notably, in the process of implementing phase 1, the whole tax sector also prepares to support the process of e-invoice coverage nationwide. This implementation process has always received the close attention and direction of the Government, the Ministry of Finance and the active support. of all levels of government. 

In recent days, in 57 provinces and cities, support has been provided to guide taxpayers to switch to using electronic invoices, helping each citizen and business understand the benefits of the new invoice and accompany the tax industry in the process. perform.

The General Department of Taxation has set a target to achieve at least 50% by May 10, 5, 2022% by May 31, 5, and by the end of June 2022, 90, 30% of enterprises and organizations must be completed. economic, individual - business households switch to using electronic invoices.

Benefits of e-invoices in the future

In the coming time, the National Public Service Portal will connect the e-invoice service with the National Database on Population. This is an important step in the electronic connection between the tax sector and other ministries and branches so that people and businesses can easily access and facilitate the implementation of tax administrative procedures.

The successful implementation of e-invoices will create favorable conditions for tax management on a digital platform, which is a great stepping stone for the digital transformation of the Finance industry. Moreover, applying e-invoices will help reduce the cost of printing, transporting and storing invoices; minimize the time to complete registration procedures, make declarations of use of invoices, and prevent counterfeiting of invoices. 

E-invoices are currently considered a push to tax administrative reform. make condition for businesses improve the business environment, modernize the development of management  from that help enhance image, brand, make the national financial system healthy and transparent.