From August 24, the tax authority drastically reviews massage chair businesses

On August 24, the General Department of Taxation issued Official Letter No. 08/TCT-TTKT to the Tax Departments of the provinces and centrally-run cities, providing for the review and inspection of invoices for massage chairs and other items. similar.

The current state of the massage chair business

The massage chair market in recent years has been developing very rapidly, the average growth rate of this category is forecasted to increase by 6% per year, due to the increasing demand for health care of consumers. However, because massage chairs have a variety of origins, prices make it impossible for consumers to know the quality and real value they bring to health.

According to the above reflection, on September 6, the Ministry of Finance said that most of the massage chairs sold in Vietnam market are imported from China. However, distribution units have used ambiguous advertising tricks, causing consumers to misunderstand and misunderstand products as originating from Japan and Korea and accidentally getting lost in the "matrix". "prices set by the supplier.

Recently, a wave of press raised the issue: "Selling massage chairs without invoices, declaring prices: The state loses tax revenue". Therefore, the General Department of Taxation has drastically reviewed and discovered the current situation, massage chairs are distributed to the market by individuals and business organizations with prices ranging from several tens to hundreds of millions of dong, but Many sales places do not issue VAT invoices or issue invoices that do not match the actual transaction value, which is lower than the selling price, causing the State to lose very high tax revenue.

Implementation plan of the review from the tax authority

Regarding the above issue, the General Department of Taxation has issued Official Letter 3131/TCT-TTKT directing the Tax Departments of the provinces and centrally-run cities to strictly implement a number of contents to minimize the loss of revenue for the budget. government:

  • Review and classify businesses operating in the business of massage chairs and similar products in their management areas. At the same time, assess the risk signs of these units on the issue of invoices and tax declarations to add to the inspection and surprise inspection plan and conduct inspection and examination immediately.
  • For branches, representative offices and business locations of the enterprise whose head office is located in a province outside its management area, the Tax Office needs to send a written notice to the relevant provincial Tax for coordination. tax administration for individuals and business organizations showing signs of tax risks.
  • Cooperate with relevant departments (Market Management, Customs, Finance, Industry and Trade, ...) to strengthen management measures with the subjects in the above cases to ensure business operations. fair and healthy business. In case of detecting acts of violation of tax law, the Tax Departments of provinces and cities are responsible for transferring the dossier to the police agency to request investigation and prosecution according to regulations.
  • Promote propaganda, dissemination and support to people and businesses in the area under their management on tax policy regulations, and at the same time, warn the risk that taxpayers who deliberately cheat will be prosecuted. strictly according to the provisions of the law, helping to raise awareness and awareness of people and businesses about law compliance to reduce fraud and tax evasion.
  • Tax Departments of provinces and cities need to expand online information channels to facilitate organizations and individuals to promptly provide information about complaints about business establishments that do not issue sales invoices.

The Ministry of Finance said it will coordinate with the General Department of Customs to collect information and control declared data on the origin and labels of imported massage chairs. At the same time, the Customs Department needs to conduct regular inspections and inspections to promptly detect and prevent handling of those who intentionally cheat on origin and brands according to regulations.