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[Ebook] Document for completing financial statements

Get Free [Ebook] Bookkeeping and Financial Statement Completing Guide This free resource helps: Understand all the categories and what each financial statement means. Read and rely on financial statements to identify and evaluate the overall situation of the situation of production and business results and financial potential of your business Understand the meaning of some financial indicators for identification and zoning suspicious on the financial statements, thereby orienting the development and avoiding risks for your business.

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[Ebook] Look up salary regulations - social insurance for businesses

Get Free [Ebook] Look Up Salary Regulations and Social Insurance Applicable to Your Business This free document helps: A guide to many key and important issues about Wages, Social Insurance, Law Employment applied in the enterprise. Answering questions about paying and enjoying Social Insurance, Enjoying unemployment benefits for businesses. How to apply regulations on salary, social insurance and employment in enterprises.

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