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Sustainable and flexible development

Build a solid management foundation, invest in process improvement, improve operational efficiency and flexible adaptability
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Digital conversion and data synchronization

Increase compliance while taking advantage of data synchronization and management to improve business performance.
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Optimize financial and investment efficiency

Master financial data and information to optimize financial and investment decisions, ensuring efficiency and sustainability
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We offer a complete set of services that make up Innovative and Comprehensive Business Management Solutions for business enterprise management needs with a long-term vision.

We help you overcome the complexities and challenges of the legal environment to get started in Vietnam.

Expertis helps to work more efficiently

Experts from Expertis help you streamline your business operations processes.

You will access expert knowledge, save costs, improve management efficiency, so you can focus more on your core competencies.

Our team of experts is knowledgeable and has a deep local understanding of the specific intricacies and nuances of each environment.

We walk with you every step of the way

Service - Solution

We not only advise on investment procedures and business establishment, but also provide you with a vision to operate your business effectively.

Our team of recruitment experts creates a bridge to help you achieve the 3 goals of "hiring the right people", "giving the right job", "paying the right qualifications".

Expertis audit services

Covers regulations that help businesses optimize their organization by controlling risks, perfecting the management system, and helping businesses develop sustainably.

Help build an appropriate, scientific financial and accounting management system, help effectively manage accounting and financial activities and provide useful information for your financial and administrative decisions.

Will help you manage accounting data smoothly and consistently and not miss important issues that cause great damage. Lifetime data support.

Tax accounting service

Make managing your payroll easier with the help of experienced payroll and labor experts.

A trusted companion


20 years of traveling TOGETHER

Our customer

Thanks to meeting high quality standards from European and developed Asian businesses as well as other developed regions. Our customers include leading companies on all continents, coming from a variety of industries and regions

For this reason, we are dedicated to maintaining strong and trustworthy relationships with each customer, helping them achieve their work goals, while ensuring the highest levels of safety and security. in their business activities.

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